Running in an Interconnect

It should be noticeably better from go, and then become more refined with time if it’s as good as they are reported to be. I have a Morgana incoming to.

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If (note conditional!) burning in is caused by a signal in a wire that needs to carry a reasonable frequency bandwidth and range of volume, I would expect burning it in with a variety of frequencies and volumes would work best due to that variety causing a wider variety of effects in the wire.

To go to the other extreme, I would expect burning an interconnect in with a constant volume 1kHz sine tone would be less likely to cause whatever effects it is that causes burn-in in the first place. It could be, for example, that a particular interconnect requires, say, low amplitude high frequency signals to cause a certain burn-in effect. The sine wave would, in this example, be less effective than a musical track like I suggested.

In the absence of a widely-accepted theory of what burn-in in and why it happens, all of this is speculation, of course, which is precisely why I started my initial comment with ‘I suspect…’. Unlike some people, I try very hard not to confuse opinions and speculation with facts!


I’d suggest you are overthinking this. Simply plug it in and just enjoy the music for a couple of weeks. Then swap back to your old interconnect. Has the music got worse? If so, keep the Morgana. If you think ‘ah, that’s better’, send it back.

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Apologies if my original post wasn’t clear, but I was hoping for a more scientific answer about “How to ensure a current flows through an Interconnect with minimal or no volume”. So this is more about the electronics of a Pre-Amp, which is a known, just not known to me

With regard to whether or not running in works, isn’t something anyone is ever going to agree on, so don’t wish unto open that bag of worms, although it can be amusing.

Yup probably, but isn’t that what we all do on this Forum


No real science needed. As I said above. Just play music from your NDX2, with your 82 ‘on’ (only). That’s it. From the interconnects view point, this is no different from actually playing music.

Sorry it’s not more complex, but there we are… :crazy_face:

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