Running shoes - what are you using?

I know this is a very personal thing, but what are you using at the moment?

Looking for something new to add to my rotation, as a my Nike Pegasus and New Balance (forget the model) are getting a little tired, and for obvious reasons I’ve not been able to go anywhere to try anything on for fit, so it looks like the mail order route to try before I buy.

I’m thinking Hoka One One, perhaps Brooks Ghost 13 or Asics Glideride - those models have caught my eye… Anyone using these shoes? Comments and observations about sizing fit most welcome?

I’ve been using Mizuno for a few years. They have a range of support types and fit well.


Never tried Mizuno, so will add them to the list to research.

Brooks Adrenaline wider fit.


Brooks Ghost 13 as running and daily. Currently the Ghost 13 Gortex but basic Ghosts during less inclement weather (the vortex Ghosts are like a hybrid running/hiking shoe). Most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned.

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Brooks are certainly high on the list I have to admit, and I’m also really curious about the supposed marsh mellow protective cushioning of the Hoka too, esp getting older and wanting to protect the joints. Do the Brooks fit true to size?

Probably depends on how much arch support you need (hope I’m not telling you how to suck eggs here) by trying the wet footprint test.

After that it’s pretty much personal preference as to fit, comfort and colour as some can be quite bright. At the moment I have Brooks Ravenna, Asics Gel Cumulus and Adidas Adizero Tempo and I have a medium arch. However I am not using any of them at the moment 'cos I’m crocked (but that’s not a reflection on the shoes!) My choice is usually informed by which are on offer at the time.



ASICS Nimbus for the last eight years. Switched from New Balance and never looked back.


Thanks, I’m a normal arch so pretty regular in terms of pronation. Hope you recover and get back out there soon! It is so frustrating when injuries occur. I’m also out for a week, as I pulled a calf muscle on Friday - just turned direction too quickly and felt it go (despite full warm ups etc). Limped home and straight out with the ice pack :cold_face:

May I add form/ function:
Depend of distance you do. And type performance you want:

You you’re want speed: light shoes, without compromise.
If you want suport for long distance… more cushion.

Edit: I personally use Nike Zoom fly Fk for racing
And ASICS nimbus 23 to training

@Haim Ah, interesting, never tried Asics before and they do look promising - was the Glideride I was looking at, but I’ll check out the Nimbus. Currently using New Balance and Nike Pegasus, also Adidas Winter RDY, but don’t use them much - prefer to use Porelle Drys (used for years as I really like running in the rain) in the other shoes but as mentioned, fancy branching out.

@Cardoso Looking for all rounder shoes really, intended for three to four runs a week, average 3-6 miles only, no further, with a slight spring to feel like I’m pushing the times, but also enough cushion to protect ageing joints.

Are you a heel striker or a forefoot striker?

A heel striker.

If you’re neutral, and want to try ASICS In that mileage I see two options:

ASICS nimbus for extra confort, cushion
( protection of the knees ).

Edit: upon you’re response to @Dozey
Nimbus are equally good for heel strikers


ASICS Cumulus with a little less cushion ( comfortable nevertheless) but more in line with Pegasus approach: lighter/ quicker

Changed to On Running 3 years ago and never looked back. Trained with Cloudflyer and now Stratus. Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% for race, but there isn’t any.


Brooks Adrenaline for me too.
Have tried others, but I always seem to come back.
First ‘prescribed’ by ‘Run and Become’ in Victoria when I started running many years ago.

Eleven marathons later, still a fan.

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Brooks do fit to size, but the local running shop suggested a half size larger for running shoes in general, and size 11 Brooks vs my standard 10.5 do work best for me.

Yeah, I’m on my third pair.

Saucony Fastswitch 3, although there appears to be a 9 out.

Very light and very comfortable. During the fitting and running assessment these were the best shoe out of three options for fitting.