Russ Andrews RF router

Hi all, was wondering if anyone has gone down this route (no pun intended!). Over the years I’ve invested in various mains cables, interconnects and other bits n bobs from Russ Andrews, some I definitely think made a difference, some I’m really not sure. Having read a recent review on this £200 box of tricks it all sounds impressive and worthwhile for not much outlay, but it’s definitely not plug and play, grounding cables need to be attached to outer cases, the only kit I have with grounding posts are a 282 and Rega Aria, which I have connected together as it helped an initial speaker hum when I switched from Rega to Naim amps a few years ago. If anyone has gone to the trouble of doing this I’d be interested to know their thoughts and how they did it. Thanks everyone.

Haven’t used the RF router you refer to, though I have wondered. I have followed some of the chassis grounding suggestions from RA on my home cinema setup and on my keyboard/amp setup (basically lots of wires connecting metal case screws to an earthing point). I didn’t perceive much difference on the cinema kit (though a lot of it is double-insulated, so irrelevant), but it did solve an irritating hum on my keyboard amp which I didn’t expect.

I haven’t been tempted to try the same thing on my Naim kit because of all I read about Naim taking grounding quite seriously. Seems churlish to start to add extra grounding to kit that has been designed with a particular scheme in mind.


Thanks for your reply Mark, I am sometimes sceptical at RA’s claims for their kit, and the cost of (eg) their top mains cables is eye watering. However the one thing I did do which was very worthwhile was have a dedicated mains put in for my equipment. I also upgraded from a 202 to a 282 earlier this year, that made a huge difference, so I’ve now pushed the boat out and ordered a NAP250dr, I reckon that’ll be me done as the upgrade path after that is scary money!

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