Russ Andrews Yello Power Cables

:small_blue_diamond:Mike-B,…I know in what price-segment they are.
Audioquest also has a Figure-8 powercable that is cheap,.it costs in Sweden only £71.

:small_blue_diamond:I reply to @NickyB,.and at the same time give NickyB a good alternative to getting a better powercable.
This for about the same money,.as buying a new ready-made powercable.

• Furutech FI-8N NCF ® cost £66.
• Furutech FI-8.1N (G). cost £44.

Add the cost of a cable,.well then it’s the same money as buying a new ready-made powercable.
And probably with better results,.if he doesn’t choose in the most expensive range.
So I don’t understand why you comment on my post in this way.?

Is not,.among other things,the purpose of the forum,.to answer questions and also to advise on good options.


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@NickyB, I just had a look at Mark Grant Cables who make in house & sell from their www site. They have a 1.0mm Fig-8 cable & it might be worth a look at. It includes a review link where the cable was used on an Aiwa portable radio-CD & was enthusiastic.
Mark makes cables to any length from 0.5m to 5m, which is handy

www (dot) markgrantcables (dot) co (dot) uk/uk/mains-power/mark-grant-dsp-10-dual-screened-power-cable-figure-8-connector/

NB: I’ve used Mark’s cables over the years & they’re good quality with quality component parts assembled in-house & in the case of this cable (the wire itself) is made to his spec with both foil & braid screen, I use the same 2.5mm wire on my own cables


It’s worth remembering that it’s only a mu-so. I only did mine when I was given a PowerLine Lite on a visit to Naim and it seemed a shame not to use it. The fig 8 plug was about £30 I think.


Hi I am trying Russ Andrew’s powerkords…to great effect on a 500 system. Russ started the whole powerkord thing by doing a demo at shows with a Panasonic ghetto blaster … using the yellow powerkord…to great effect. There are a number of people on this forum who are like the Naim police…keep an open mind … at the end of the day there is a 60 day returns policy. My current experience with powerkord 500s is phenominal…


Exactly HH, however the Mark Grant Fig-8 is £45 & thats about all I would go to with a Muso, but at that price its worth a punt if you’re thinking along those lines & would be good to hear back if it did improve anything.

RA now are making the so called next step up in the range with the evolutionary powerkord.
Its basically the same as most ra p cords but with the earth cable on the outside not the inside as per usual the normal powerkords. These have one single large diameter earth twisted around the whole cable and they look quite odd too but are supposed to give nuch better improvement to SQ.
Im thinking of making my own with this design too but with also the earth made up of 3 or 4 twisted conductors on the outside too.

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Not long after the first generation Muso came out the upgrade power cable some us bought was the Nordost Purple Flare with a fig of 8 connection. I’m sure back then (2014) it was £99 now they’re £150!

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I use a Mark Grant fig 8 on my Node 2i it’s a well made affordable cable.

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its always good to experiment with cables , mcru have good value stuff you can make yourself .

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I too would back the Nordost Purple Flare, on my Muso 1 it gave a much wider more natural sound range, I was able to then use the stainless steel support cones I had to great effect - they made the sound too thin for me without the Purple Flare. Anyway these mods meant that when I listened to the Muso2, albeit in the sales part of the shop, it didn’t seem to be an improvement on the sound I currently enjoy with my Muso1 which is also slightly smaller.
I don’t know what the RA mains cable sound like today, but years ago after liking the changes the more expensive ones brought to my Olive 250, I preferred the standard Naim mains cable when I switched to the black 250 as it had significantly more PRAT.
Best wishes Amer

I use the Nordost Purple Flare on my av equipment. Nicely made and produced a good difference. No idea how it would perform on Naim. The UK plug that it comes with is nothing special though, but with Naim, that’s probably a good thing.

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It’s the Evo ones I have…they are getting better and better…prat is excellent and detail phenominal.

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@NickyB I would also strongly recomend a look at the Titan cables, I use both the sources and power leads on my system - they are very impressive - entry level Styx is £60

Sorry to go off topic, but The wedding present are awesome. That is all.

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Thanks very much Mike for the info, will take a look at MG.

Thanks for the info, much appreciated.

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Good point, thanks.

Thank yer very glad

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