Ryan Adams

I am very well aware of Ryan Adams’ ‘personal issues’ and that many former fans may have chosen not to continue to follow his musical career.

For those who have not he has been extremely prolific over the last year or so with I think no fewer than seven albums including three covers. Some of these are free downloads which is welcome except most are MP3 with the most recent Oasis cover ‘Morning Glory’ being at 160 kbps. Does anyone know if there are higher res versions available?

Yes on Qobuz, some are available as 24 bit and some as 16 bit

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Qobuz sells hi res Ryan Adams files. Ryan Adams Discography - Download Albums in Hi-Res - Qobuz

Ryan Adams is a great artist. Just ordered the live boxset a couple of days ago.

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@Count.d I can’t see this available to order yet?

Looks a tad expensive for my taste but very tempted as could sound very good.

I love Ryan’s music, won’t comment on the man himself but glad that he’s sobered up and back out there touring and making music.

Too late, ltd. edition through his website!

Just spotted, saved me a few £££

Or could I use that money for some others!

It was available for a whole 45 minutes. He did the same thing 11 years ago with Live After Deaf boxset. On that occasion I bought it sealed on the after-market at a ridiculous price. I say ridiculous, but it is probably the best boxset I own (top 3 anyway) and well worth the money. If there was a house fire, it would be one of the first things I’d grab (well, send my other half in to get it).

This new boxset will hopefully be as good. Ryan definitely has a taste for very high quality merchandise, as a recent poster I bought showed.

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