S400 speakers

Hi I have owned S400 for 8 years, very happy with what I consider a great speaker.
However can someone explain why they sound better with the grilles on.
System cds3 500 power supply 300 all on fraim

Good question though I have never tried them any other way?!? Maybe they were designed that way? I’ll read the white paper tomorrow to see if there is any further information.

I’ve never tried them without the grills and don’t plan to.

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Any one done a comparison blind?
Perhaps mono with one set of grills on and one off.
However the speaker grills do vary in fit and since spares are not available, needless removal may be unwise, ymmv!

Do you mean bmr grille, woofer or both?

Because the lord designed them that way, just like my SL2 sound better with them on or our species looks better in lingerie than without…… :flushed:

Depending on the grilles’ design & construction they may perhaps provide some diffusion or filtering of the high frequencies - and if that was taken into account at the design stage, and with them in place while measuring performance and conducting listening tests, it is hardly surprising. Why?

I disagree regarding the female form. (I don’t know about the male form…)

Worth mentioning that anyone enjoying any Ovator including S400s, @Steven @cdboy @ElMarko that checking periodically all settings are to original spec and use of Ovator plugs, will likely make an improvement, if these aspects haven’t been addressed (perhaps in a while), likely also Naca5, but on that option, ymmv!

Could it be that they were designed that way?!

(PS. Glad you are chuffed with them.)

ha ha

The grills have a thin layer of foam under them. Perhaps this may tame a degree of sibilance? Mine sound fine at 15 years of age.

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The foam normally cut 1-2dB in the mid to high frequencies. That’s why some prefer them with and some without. In some front firing bass port constructions the foam also integrates with the port performance/design.

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