S600 vs. T606/707

Hello everyone
I had the opportunity to buy a pair of S600s for 1700 pounds.
Does anyone have experience comparing this speaker to KUDOS 606/707?
The rest of the system -
/ S400 / NDX / CORE / 52-s.c/135
Thanks in advance to the respondents
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Ditton 66 were my speakers before 32 years ago…arbee zman avar meaz

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I until recently had active s600 speakers and i found they need quite a big room and plenty off space around them to full work, as if not the bass can run away with them.
For the money they are a great speaker, but the room needs to suit them, like any speaker really. As said i had an active pair and they are ment to be much better than the passive version, which by all accounts most dont like. But only you can say if they work for you or not, but i think you will find the titan speakers sound very different to the S600.
I looked at the 606 and 707, but eventually went for pmc fact 12’s as they worked much better in my room


I had a demo of the 707s at my dealers, very disappointed very inferior to my active S600s. I was hoping to release some funds from the sale of extra amps and snaxo.


I moved on from S600’s to Titan T88’s. The Ovators lacked good high frequency extension. I was pretty shocked how dull they sounded by comparison. The S600 did have exceptional bass, however.

DO NOT buy them without listening to them first . . . UNLESS you’re OK with re-selling them if they don’t suit you. I’m from the States, but have learned that the term “marmite” applies here.

I did listen to the S400’s once; like marmite they were not for me.

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I loved the active 707s I heard a couple of months ago (I have active SL2s). Never heard active 600s

Thank’s for your answers, Maybe I didn’t make myself clear- I meant the S-600 in a passive mode,not in active mode, as suggested in some of the answers.
I’d like to know from the experience of the members, who made the change from 400 to 600, or from 400 to 606/707, whether the change was significantly evident in the final result .thank’s.

For me, it’s a no brainier. Any of the Kudos speakers will outperform the S600’s. The only time I heard a pair of S600’s I could almost enjoy was when I heard them active with 3 Nap 300’s, even then I would rather listen to a pair of Kudos Titan speakers.


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