SACD refuses to eject from my Naim Uniti Core even using the paper clip remedy

I have a SACD inserted in my Naim Uniti Core and I can’t get it to eject. Of course I’ve used the paper clip suggestion but it has not produced the reluctant disc. Any other ideas?

Put the Core into Hibernate (5+ sec hold of the power button) and then pull the mains cable at the rear (or switch off at the wall)….Wait a few seconds or so and then reconnect the power….
The CD will likely auto eject once the Core powers back up but if not try the Eject button once more….


Got it! Thanks :slight_smile:


Also the paper clip ejection method doesn’t work the way you expect. You probably expect (as I did the first time) that the paper clip starts off the motorised eject that normally happens, but it isn’t that. You have to push hard with the paper clip a number of times (and I mean hard) and the CD will slowly emerge under the power of your manual pushing.


Yeah, think I’ve said before, I didn’t realise this at first either, until you pointed it out elsewhere…I presumed it was pressing a micro-switch within the hole, like a lot of other devices….but seems not.
TBH, I’m not sure a bent paper clip is up to it – something a bit stiffer might be better if it’s really full manual force……


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