Sad Day

Sadly the great Diana Rigg passed away today at 82. The best partner for John Steed and the only person to marry James Bond. Alan Minter and Ronald Bell have also passed away, three greats in one day :pensive:


She was awesome


Was just a bit too young to appreciate her in The Avengers, but genuinely a quality item and one of our best. Liked her in The Detectorists too (tbh liked her daughter more… :upside_down_face:)

She’s on screen currently in C5’s quite good remake of All Creatures Great And Small, Tuesday evenings. Mrs Pumphrey.


Excellent obituaries here …

And here … but the Guardian is inaccurate as not only did she appear alongside her daughter in an episode of Dr Who, but she also played her mother in the Detectorists, as noted by @HouseholdNaim above.


That’s a real shame. I had quite a crush on her in my youth - especially as Emma Peel (her, not me…)


Along with Dusty, Diana was a major pre-and-post teen crush of mine. A beautiful woman and a beautiful actor. Sad day indeed.


Sad indeed, very natural looking attractive women. Did you catch her, and her daughter, Rachael Stirling, in the Detectorists?


Great chemistry between the three of them in that series. A high point.

I have to say late to that Drama. I was hooked after 10 minutes, dry, warm, touching and on several more viewings, some very subtle humour i missed first time.

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Best looking Bond girl. I liked her in “The Assassination Bureau” as well. RIP.

Me too. Honestly, can’t say I remember Diana Rigg in it, but I’ve only seen a few episodes…


Good grief - that’s not praise for something from the BBC is it? :wink:

I was thinking the same, I probably missed it but I didn’t see any reference to this role in a great programme during the latter part of her career. The Graun even said the last time she worked with her daughter was Dr Who ages ago.

Journos huh…


Yep! They didn’t make it, only showed it.

Fair enough

These guys

And the Dectorists had a great theme tune too.


Absolutely loved her, one of the best …

Not wanting to be male chauvinistic at all. Diana Rigg as Tracy Bond was the only woman ever married to James Bond. I have done things very backward, discovered her in Games of Throne and thought she was great - a lot of elegance and magnetic, then saw some of her other work like Avengers and James Bond.

Thank you and RIP.