Saint-saëns danse macabre - high def version?

anybody know where i can purchase a hd download of the album, i can only find it on cd or cd quality on qobuz.

not sure i want to spend £135 on a copy on vinyl from the usa

Don’t know if you’re after any particular recording, but Presto Classical has a number of Hi Def offerings. I have bought many times from Presto and I would recommend it.

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was after, Kyung Wha Chung

will check out presto, thank you

still cd quality

Why not try one of their other 96/24 offerings?

i have now, thank you.

think i will also end up with the vinyl

Another fan of Presto here, they have several different versions on high resolution

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The original Decca vinyl was excellent and should be fairly easy to buy. I think the last (mint) copy I bought was about £2, admittedly 20 odd years ago, but can’t have gone up too much since then.

Edit: Just looked at Discogs - wow. I would wait a bit and see what crops up elsewhere…

Crazy, i know, £190 for a mint copy is the most expensive i have seen.

The new recording by Les Siecles looks intriguing.

Edit - just bought it.

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This is available as a 24/96 download from Chandos themselves and no doubt other sources. It’s a good recording and the other Saint-Saëns pieces are worth a listen, too.


PS Should have said it does include Dance Macabre.

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