Samsung Q60 ARC ISSUE loud clicking

Excitedly bought a new tv yesterday Samsung Q60 to set up with my ATOM via HDMI set up TV correctly chose pcm all set 1st try terrestrial ok then onto netflix no sound just a loud clicking noise picture ok …powered down everything then tried again was then ok but had to have volume @ 60 to hear anything which isn’t ideal … same again powered down all back on again clicking returned … is this a Samsung V Naim issue ? When you’re looking at over 4k worth of kit you really would like it to play together nicely :slightly_smiling_face: . It seems there are issues on here what tv manufacturers are ok pls ?

The Atom DAC is 2 channel and can’t deal with a multichannel bitstream. Many TVs are set to output a multichannel bitstream by default. It sounds like you need to set your TV to output a 2 channel PCM signal.

I too have a Samsung tv which I tried to connect to my Uniti Nova via hdmi. I seem to remember it was rubbish sounding so I just put an optical cable in and have used that ever since. Never did get to the bottom of why hdmi was so bad.

Yep I’ve chucked the towel in and used optic no idea why I went for the HDMI …

Thx for your replies

Have you contacted Naim support about this?

Some TV makers go their own way with HDMI and ARC and so it’s a game of trying to improve compatibility.

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