Sanity check for Naim streamer/DAC

Howdy folks,
Just looking for some reassurance on choice and options. Budget will allow, with some weeping and wailing nevertheless, to upgrade source to a ND5XS2 to mate with a SN2. Have understood that the NDX2 would be much nicer…but it will be out of reach. Given that I’d be moving from a Squeezebox Touch and a Maverick Audio D2, shouldn’t a ND5XS2 be a genuine qualitative upgrade? I will never, ever listen to the NDX2 just to make sure I don’t start making inaccessible comparisons. Appreciate your feedback/thoughts.

Hi, the ND5XS2 is a good match for a Supernait, and given the big jump in price to an NDX2, I’d say that it’s much better value. You need to accept that there is no screen on it, or remote, you just use the app, which you need anyway. Also, there is no PSU upgrade option, although you can upgrade it with an external DAC.

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Thanks Chris. Using Roon and Tidal from iphone and ipad so I could live without the screen. Still seems expensive for what it is…although I haven’t heard it yet (the ND5XS2).

I moved from ND5XS to a used NDX. It was a big improvement and a great match with my SN2. Have you considered a good condition NDX. It would cost a lot less than a new ND5XS2.

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David, when I had the NAIT XS 2, I also had the ND5 XS. When I purchased a SN 2 I ran with the ND5 XS and it was fine. I did eventually move to a NDX, and currently moved on to the NDX 2. …and eventually added the XPS DR.

I think you will be quite happy with the ND5 XS 2 feeding the SN 2 and it is a smart person who lives within their budget. With that said, I think you will eventually listen to the NDX 2 and move on, then next thing you know you will be buying a Power Supply…:wink:

…that seems to be the fate of so many here on the forum. Good luck with your decision.

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Another option, if you use Roon, would be an NDX with a Sonore UPnP Bridge. This little extra box gives you Roon into a UPnP streamer that doesn’t support it natively. Having said that, I think I’m right in saying that your Squeezebox could run Roon into a Naim streamer too?

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Hi seakayaker,
Well, therein lies the rub. If buying the ND5XS2 for budget reasons, while knowing full well that an NDX2 would be beckoning at some point, then I’d be immediately frustrated with that thought always in mind. I’d like to forget about boxes and cables for a few years and just listen to music. Tough choice. I think I’ll listen to the Lumin D2 and the ND5 and decide that way. One or the other should hopefully be enough of an upgrade to hear the difference already. Thanks.

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Hi SM, no, haven’t thought about that…will have to investigate but I’d have to solve the Roon problem as well.

Hi Chris,
Will investigate that option indeed. Definitely want to get rid of the Squeezebox Touch however. It’s been of good service with the SBooster and EDO modification, but it’s not serious hifi to me anymore and I’m convinced more refined sound can be had with newer machines. It’s all a question of money and how much you can experiement/spend on various material…Thanks.

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