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Following Simon-In-Suffolk’s advice, I have ordered satellite broadband from Konnect (which should arrive on 10th January) - going from my current 1 or 2 Mb to 30 Mb. I look forward to joining the 20th Century!


Blddy eck. I’m really pleased with myself having just gone from 4mbps to 2 gbps. Internal wifi is now wifi6 but lan connections are still 1gb ethernet.

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2 Gbs? Blimey! That’s stunning. I guess you can download a movie in seconds (as opposed to about half a day or more on mine at the moment).
I used to DREAM of 4 Mbs

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My son had put a film on a cloud drive for me to download. It told me that it waould take 72 hours before the change. I declined. I have now downloaded it. It took 9 minutes. :grinning:


You can really go off people, you know.

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Can you not get fibre installed at your location?

Furthest point from an AP on 2.5Ghz is 27mbps, best internal is 970bps. Ipads are running around 700mbps now.

These are maximum speeds available.
|5.6|Maximum speed 2,4 GHz
450 Mbit/s|

5.17 Maximum speed 5 GHz
1732 Mbit/s

Don’t know about where you are but satellite internet here in the US is horrendously expensive and sloooooooooooooooow!!!

Some satellite broadband has poor latency, perhaps unsurprisingly given the extra distances involved. Hopefully it will still work better for you than an extremely slow copper phone line but perhaps something to be aware of, especially with some streaming services such as Tidal.

Some of us still dream of 4mbps …… interested to see how you get on…

Not a chance.

Yes - latency is about 650 msec, IIRC. Not sure why that should have any particularly negative effect on streaming, though I can imagine for gaming (which I don’t do) or possibly phone conversations it might be deleterious.

Not too expensive - no set-up costs and free for the first two months. If I find it unacceptable during that period, my only cost is returning the modem to them (not the satellite dish - I get to keep that, for what it’s worth).
After that I think it is a one year contract, including the 2 months.
They reckon 30Mb, so (in my terms) blindingly fast. But we shall see. Anyway, it is the only option for anything over my current speed (if, indeed, speed it can be called).
Monthly costs are, IIRC, £33.00 - which is fairly pricey compared with copper or fibre, but I am currently paying £55.00 a month for landline and broadband, and I shall be able to reduce that to about £20.00 for the landline, I think.

It was a big problem for some when using Tidal on 1st gen Naim streamers as they have a very small buffer intended for use only with local streaming. Naim spent a great deal of time and effort optimising this and it doesn’t seem to affect many people now.
Some people used a proxy server of some sort (Roon, BubbleUPnP etc.) to buffer the stream and send it to the streamer as if it was a local UPnP stream (therefore with very low latency).

Ah, OK. But IWHT that once the stream has started, it should be possible for it to continue pretty much uninterrupted, though I suppose if it has to keep requesting the next chunk of music then latency could be a problem.

Shame, but it is much the same here. Still patchy. The govt promise was to have all of France covered by June 2020. Covid is given as the reason it has been delayed. A friend 15Km away has had satellite installed recently and thinks it is amazingly fast. So much so that he hasn’t had a landline put in. (New build)

We got together as a community 15 years ago and installed a wireless mesh network here in the valley covering about 20 square miles, most of it open upland rough pasture land with scattered hamlets and farmsteads.

Its been progressively upgraded and now gives me 40 meg download.

2 years ago BT provided fibre-to-premises with 90 meg so I have a choice. Astonishing for such a remote location.

Yes - the government here put various schemes up, one of which was that a number of providers could get a grant towards putting fibre in. My provider had never heard of it, and wasn’t remotely interested.
Given the government insistence that farmers file their many and varied pieces of information through the internet, it seems remiss of them not to provide access to the internet.

There are a few like that round here - but where we are in mid Devon, it is too hilly for that to work in many places. There is one quite near to me, but over the hills, so no reception here. Also no mobile signal. We could, of course, use large, hollowed out logs to beat out messages. Otherwise we have POTS, of course, but at 3.5 miles from my exchange, it isn’t terribly good.

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