Saving music ripped to unitiserve onto another drive

Is it possible to copy music ripped to the unitiserve to another drive?
I am thinking of loading up a flash drive that can then be played in a car, with a selection of albums.
There are 4 USB ports on the rear of the U/S. I am hoping someone will say, "once there is an external drive attached to port 1-4, the Naim serve app will have more functional options - such as dragging chosen albums and dropping to the USB?

Hi Julian, you can easily copy music files from the Unitiserve to a USB stick. You can’t use the Unitiserve USB ports though, as they are only inputs. Just find the Unitiseve music folder on a computer over your network. Put a USB stick in the computer, and copy them. It’s pretty quick and easy.
I do exactly this to play music in my car. The car can browse the folder structure of the CD rips, so I get a list of artists to scroll through, and I can select albums to play. The car plays WAV but not FLAC, so that’s what i use. Browsing by folder is fine for a car - using metadata view to browse genre, composer or whatever, or perusing artwork when you’re supposed to be driving the car, seems pretty dodgy to me!

Many thanks for the reply Chris.
At least it saved me accessing the back of the unit and plugging in a USB!
I have the technology (in my brain) to RIP discs to my PC on the windows media player in WAV form and then drag to a memory stick that plays in 2 cars with the same music / media set up (jaguar land rover). The sound quality / reproduction is not as good as an old BMW that had it’s own ripper and hard drive. Thinking I already have high quality ripped files on the unitiserve is behind my question of yesterday.
Not an expert on IT but I have not used the Naim server on my PC much - mainly as it doesn’t appear to have any actual meaningful functionality. Certainly I can’t copy or drag albums anywhere.
Do you suggest I need to get some form of organiser to do this eg JRIVER?

You just need to find the Unitiserve as a network drive using your computer. Look in its folders, and you will see one called Music, with a sub-folder called MQ. Then you can drag/copy the entire MQ folder, or any of its contents, to a USB stick attached to the computer.
What I can’t tell you is how your car will handle those files, or what formats it supports. My BMW is fine with the Unitiserve WAVs. Maybe try a couple of albums and check that they work OK. Alternatively, you can use the Unitiserve to convert to FLAC if necessary.

Many thanks Chris.
Felt that usual sinking feeling on reading your second post. I’m not bad at Excel and Word but hopeless at how a computer is set out and normally find things / out by accident.
One time I managed to drag an un rippable album to Downloads and came across it while looking again. Next to this was Music. I hope the rest soon becomes history. Currently dragging MQ located FLAC albums across to flash drive as I speak. Will try in car in a bit once rain stops. I know WAV works in the car so will have fingers crossed for FLAC. Presumably, once copied from UServe they can be converted if necessary?
Thanks again. It’s a lovely feeling!

Julian - you don’t need anything else to organise your music. You have the UnitiServe (that’s for local playback).

For in-car entertainment - reading the specs of my new BMW 5-series (2018 model) I don’t see WAV. I will give it a try, as I cannot really bring myself to listen to MP3s any longer.

As to using your rips - just copy them over to an SSD and pluig it into one of the USB ports. Make sure you have all your tags done properly. My BMW iDrive system reads all the MP3s and their tags perfectly.

Good luck! If you need to use a different format, yes, you can convert later.

Thanks Adam.
From other research, just by way of update, the Gracenote software on the range rover seems to make sense of everything (WAV and Flac). In fact I have removed all the metadata files that come with each NAIM ripped Flac folder to save space on memory stick. There is an auto correct function for music info on the meridian sound system but I don’t need it on.
Good luck with your project but from experience the BMW is pretty good too. And in all aspects, better to feed digital files to the car wifi, which will have a better DAC than an ipod / better resolution than MP3.

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