SBL / M8 spikes

Hello everybody,

I am currently looking for high quality, sharp M8 spikes
of 40-45 mm lenght for custom steel speaker stands.

Actually Naim SBL spikes would be perfect for this, but
it is pretty hard to find them without buying a pair of SBLs :-).

Would you have any advice on this?
Thanks in advance,

Ebay and Amazon will have what you need - thousands of options. I bought some recently for the rather corroded ones on my NBLs. Indistinguishable from the originals except for the lack of rust!

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Not hard to find. Assuming you’re in Britain, try Wilmslow Audio, Falcon Acoustics, HiFi Collective, and probably also CPC & Farnell.

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If you can, think about having only 3 spikes per speaker/stand.
3 is a “milkmaids stool” it won’t rock.
I have three spikes on my own custom built speakers, 2 at the front are used for side to side level adjustment, it’s just so rockless solid.


Go to your local dealer and see what’s on the speakers he sells. At least B&W will sell you spares, so you could try those, but I’m sure many other brands will as well. Just need to find the ones that suit you.

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Thanks for the tip, sounds promising

Thanks! Do you have a reference to provide me, maybe?

Another good example of “where are you”

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