SBL questions

I’ve searched for answers on this & other fora but not found anything - possibly the questions are just plain silly :roll_eyes:

Whats the best way of getting the speaker cable into the crossover? That is, the routing of the cable - is it correct to feed the cable under the metal frame & between the frame & cabinet? Thus allowing the SBL to be closer to the wall?

And do SBLs come “handed” - i.e. right hand/left hand speaker?

You can tell my systems with Darran being serviced - bored & thinking of stuff to do when it all comes back :wink:

Two questions, two answers. No and no. Use Naim speaker plugs and you’ll have no issues.

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Thanks @hungryhalibut - I suspected as much but it’s good to be confirmed.

When I had mine, this is what I did. I made a tight loop of Naca5 under the frame. The SA8 end then came out of the rear and rose vertically to meet the crossover. I reasoned that it put less strain on the soldered joints in the crossover (and possibly the SA8 pins) this way.

You are right, you will almost have the frames touching the skirting boards this way.

Thanks @Christopher_M - did you go around the outside of the metal frame or between the frame & cabinet?

Outside the frame. SA8 plugs won’t go between frame and cabinet.

They do if you remove them & re-fit :wink:

Would they not fit with the black plastic box removed?

That’s up to you.

I didn’t try.

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