SBL Serial Number Query

I’ve just bought a pair of nice SBLs in Walnut. What’s odd, and prompting the query, is that I understand from the product history page that SBLs were discontinued in 2002; however, these are serial no. 195nnn - which puts them mid-2003 according to the serial no.s history page.

Both speakers carry the same number, and they came with their original boxes, which again carry the same number.

So, did a few pairs of SBLs get created a little later than the product page suggests?

Short answer is yes I believe they did. Others might be able to give details that evade me right now.

I think it’s high time someone at Naim wrote the definitive book on all things Naim. It would answer so many questions on this forum. So Naim, please if you’re reading this, how about it?


Don’t hold your breath, they can’t seem to keep an accurate website :thinking:

Yes, I recall that there were a few pairs that were built quite late on around 2003 to special order to use up the remaining cabinets.

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Thanks all.

Richard, do you know how many pairs and were they customer orders? Much as I love SBLs (I think these are my sixth pair) I wonder why anyone would have taken SBLs over SL2s - though price would be a thing.

I couldn’t agree more.

Ken Kessler produced a glossy, coffee-table style book on QUAD, which would serve as an excellent model.

Price was definitely far more attractive than SL2s!

No I don’t know exact numbers but I reckon just a few at most.

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The late and much missed Malcolm Steward would have been ideal for something like this.

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I’m sure that you would be ideally placed to do this yourself, Richard!

Yes indeed……but perhaps funded by Naim, Philippa and yourself…….we can hope🙏

I’d very happily throw some spondulicks into a Kickstarter or similar, if Richard needs to see some cash up front before getting started!


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