SBL Setup Query

This is it.

I auditioned my sbls at the previous owners place - a lovely German gentleman - and the SBLs were setup completely incorrect. Despite that, the quality of them was obvious and I bought them. One of my Best Buy’s ever. I did set them up at my place as good as possible and no doubt a good dealer can do it better.

What really matters is the closed seal and the solid wall. That will make them brilliant.

Some attention for detail. No magic, just attention for detail.


So what does your “as signed by God” :grin: version say.

“pierce” or “not to pierce”

What happened to the Julian/Roy reference?

Would be good to have an answer to suzywong’s question - I assume ‘not pierced’ but I’m also not 100% clear…

EDIT: decided to look back at his old posts and found this…

At least that sounds sort of logical; if the only reason one would need to pierce the spikes though the pads is if the woofer box is rocking, and; if it sits on the spikes firmly without any rocking then there is no need to pierce.

However, i do wonder why the woofer box would be rocking, and suspect either an aluminium pad or more not stapled on correctly, or the spikes not aligned.
I have never had any need to adjust the spikes, they were presumably set correct at the factory.

The first time i set my SBLs up [ 2005 ] one of the woofer boxes was slightly out of line, so i corrected it by firmly applying pressure to re-dimple the pads in alignment. This worked with pushing down very firmly but i remember applying virtually all my bodyweight on the woofer box. At this time i wasn’t sure if i’d pierced the pads or not…

It wasn’t until the second time i set the SBLs up [ 2010 ] that i saw the 8 pads were all okay to re-use, none of them were pierced and the dimples matched up perfectly with box alignment.

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@Murmur One week in, how do you like them?

In many ways, they are the best speaker I’ve ever owned. However, I’ve had to face the fact that I always miss the tunefulness of some Linn 80s/90s speakers and there’s no point fighting it or looking at other brands. Not quite ready to part with the SBLs though. I will probably try them again sometime.

Sorry, that’s probably not what you wanted to hear and a bit of a let down.

Not a let down at all even though I love mine.

I know you are a massive exponent of the Kan, which I have barely heard, so I think we are probably coming to SBLs from different places.

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Ok Murmer, you are clearly deaf and your ears need de waxing or retraining!

Only kidding. You like what you like. End of story. Enjoy your Kans.

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