SBL/SL-2 crossover frequency


I have acquired an active crossover with adjustable crossover frequencies to be set. I want to experiment with this to see whether there is a benefit for my SBLs and SL-2s.

I appreciate that this is a complex topic but in simple terms is anyone able to confirm what crossover frequency I should use as per factory /design expectations? Perhaps around 3kHz?

Thanks in advance,


@Richard.Dane will probably know… :thinking:

Best to ask Naim here - send them an email.

Crossover slopes are also important to get right .
Beyond that and frequency, if you have or get yourself a copy of REW (free software) and a measuring microphone (the one REW recommends is inexpensive yet goos, and can be found even cheaper on eBay - and easily re-sold if you don’t see further use for it), you can then easily adjust phase (assuming yoir AXO allows for that, might be called timing or delay), and levels.

REW is also invaluable for assessing the room, including speaker and listening positions.

Thanks, I will contact Naim and post their response here.