SBLs are humming even with no music

I’ve recently got myself a lovely pair of SBLs from the great guys at TomTom audio In Hertfordshire. I’ve only had a short listed so can’t say what they’re like for now, but there’s a pretty audible hum coming even when no music is playing. Didn’t happen with my old EPOS 11s.

Any ideas, folks?

I’m running CDX II, XPS DR, nac82, twin HiCap and a chrome 250

Seems unlikely to be the problem given that it didn’t happy with other speakers, but when I had a NAS plugged into the same socket as my Naim kit there was audible buzz. Maybe check if there are any wall warts or such like on the socket or ring main your Naim is connected to?

I had a similar problem; it was because there was a ground loop from my TV. It was solved by placing a suppressor by the TV outlet.

Is it a hum or a hiss? Hiss is normal but a hum means you have a problem.

If it’s a 50Hz hum it has to be an earthing issue, and the fact that it happened when you changed speakers will almost certainly be a coincidence. Did you change anything else at the same time, such as TV, DVD, dac etc?

If it’s a quiet hiss from the speakers, that may well be because the SBLs are a bit more efficient than the ES11. A quiet hiss is perfectly normal, a hum is not.

Assuming that the electronics were merely powered down when the Epos were removed and the SBLs inserted into the system, and no other variables were introduced anywhere into your set-up, this would tend to eliminate earthing or connection issues.

Is the hum emanating from one speaker only or both?

If one channel only, I would suggest swapping the speaker connections over to see if the hum moves. If it does maybe something in the 250 is starting to let go.

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Bizzarely, I left the system, with no plugging in/out and all settled: I just get a very low hiss, which I’m told is to be expected. The only thing that changed is that I dressed the speaker cables tidily beind the equipment cabinet, sp perhaps that’s all it was down to.

I’m super-impressed by the big wide sound stage and the overall scale of the sound.

I’m told it just get better and bass gains another octave when active, so that’s the next step: additional Hi-CAP SNAXO and CN NAP250!

Thanks for your help people.

As the hum seems to have now gone and as you’d have switched things off when you changed speakers, I’m wondering when things were last serviced ?

Are both the HICAPs on the NAC 282 - if so you could potentially revert to one with the other powering the SNAXO.

Good. Question. WitchHat service’s the amp and hicaps about 3-4 year’s ago. Should stil be ok, right?

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If that’s the case then that’s no time at all. Should be fine.

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