SBLs in front of glass wall?

Hi all, I know this breaks all the rules, but it’s what I’ve got. No complaints - beautiful view from listening couch. Does it seem crazy to even go down this route? Speakers would sit in front of wood posts at least…but glass to either side. Rega RS3s currently. CB 160 driving.

A Naim system with a nice view, what’s not to like?

A Naim system blocking a nice view for one thing and glass I think is not an ideal reinforcement for Naim speakers. Better to have a solid wall behind them.
Best I guess is to try it out before if you can

I’ve got my SL2’s in front of a floor-to-ceiling glass window. It might not be perfect, but they sound pretty damned good.

My philosophy is that you’ve got to make the most of what you’ve got - and that includes room limitations. My system is in our lounge, so there are compromises around speaker location and a single rack rather than brains/brawn, but it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment


Glass wall or glass window?

We had a single glaze glass wall in the dem room as I recall and it wasn’t a problem. We covered it with rock wool and then plasterboard. Curtains between wall and SBLs. SBLs were fine with it. Not perfect but it never stopped us selling SBLs.

Obviously if it needs to be transparent you don’t have that option. The layers of glazing will certainly affect it. Triple glazing will behave more like a real wall. And curtains between the glass and SBLs will help dampen any high frequency glare.

My point was to try before you have to live with what you have. If there is scope for decent free standing speakers then I would not exclude that. Also remember that Naim speakers have an extra dimensional requirement in terms of setup. Once you get used to that fine, but it should not be ignored either.

Also glazing is usually a reinforced pane on the outside with a relatively flexible and less rigid pane on the inside. Not sure for triple glazing.

Years ago one of mine was in front of a glass window, sounded damn fine to me.

House layout and family constraints mean that my system has to live in the dining room and the only possible location for it is in front of floor to ceiling windows

I know the current setup isn’t ideal but it sounds pretty awesome to me and in no way do I feel let down by the results although, in time, when it can be moved to a more suitable location I look forward to the “free upgrade”

Mine is a double-glazed window panel (from about ankle height to 2m up the wall. The outer glaze is laminated (double thickness) to address wind load, so fairly sold. If I’m really worried about sound reflection from the hard surface, I drop the blinds which helps somewhat

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