Schubert's 'Winterreise' in Building A Library

Schubert’s wonderful - although powerfully tragic - ‘Winterreise’ will be the work under consideration at 10:30 this morning on BBC Radio 3.


I’m sure you know this, Graham, but Ian Bostrich wrote an interesting book on the Winterreise, called “Schubert’s Winter Journey, anatomy of an Obsession” - see picture. There is also a beautiful snow white hard cover edition, but I’m not sure it is still in print.


Not heard of this, shall tune in. Thanks :+1:

Thanks, Dean, I’ll have a look later, after the programme.

‘Winterreise’ (A Winter’s Journey, for those who don’t speak German) is an astonishing piece. The great Wotan of his day Hans Hotter recorded it five times, as did Dietrich Fischer-Dieskaul, but those are probably not very fashionable these days.

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I have several copies of this. Ian Bostridge of course, but also Alice Coote (not a baritone!) and Roderick Williams. A quite old recording is of Peter Pears with Benjamin Britten on the piano and I like this a lot.


Yes, I think that Brigitte Fassbaender also recorded ‘Winterreise’ a few years ago.

Jonas Kauffman has recorded absolutely everything and anything, but his Winterreise is marvellous.
I should check out Hotter’s. He will always be Wotan for me, but interesting to hear him in a different piece.

Hotter’s recording was available in the EMI Great Recordings… series, but it seems to have been deleted from the catalogue.

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I have the Pears Britten, but can never listen seriously after hearing this.


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Dudley Moore was such a clever man, as well as a pretty fine pianist.

We wouldn’t have had Monty Python without Dud and Pete to set out the groundwork.


I bet they were the only comedy act to be featured on The Crown (as part of Beyond the Fringe.

I’ve never seen that Britten parody before - goodness me, it’s accurate. Easy to forget what an accomplished and practised musician Dud was, since he so often played the fool to Pete.

People Who Like Sondheim by Kit and the Widow is a similarly excellent parody.


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