Scott Nangle

One problem with that is it says in stock th en takes your money and then it turns out there not in stock
It also straits we will not take money unless they are in stock well thats wrong as mine were clearly not in stock as he admitted in his email but still took money
I think he needs to sort many things on his site then it might make life ea. easier for him

That’s really good advice. I just had a look on there. There was one review which really made me laugh, but being vaguely political in nature I doubt I could get away with quoting it on here.


I know the one you mean - that made me chuckle and I did think of posting it but again same thought.

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A common complaint seems to be that this company is terrible at communication.

Not only is it extraordinarily bad manners to not keep a customer in the loop if there is a delay (or allegedly to take money for items not in stock), it’s very bad business too. There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour in this day and age. The fact that he might package records well does not cancel out or excuse faults of this nature, which is why I have never purchased from this business, tempting as much of the stock might be.

There are lots of reasons to criticise Amazon, but one thing you do have to credit them for is that a) communication is excellent and b) they do not take your money until the item purchased has actually been despatched.


Kev, perhaps also that Amazon’s return & refund arrangements are very good IME, even for their ‘other sellers’ (OK the DSRs apply but, nonetheless, the ability to easily report issues, especially non-receipt, is comforting).


Well all I can say is if and when I get my records it will be the only time I use them as I don’t like the, its in stock or low stock indicators when clearly they are out off stock
Now if I had got a text, call or email saying that it could take x amount off time so be it, its up to me if I then say yep that’s OK I’ll wait or that’s OK I’ll look elsewhere but that didn’t happen,


I’ve been contacted by Scott and I think it’s only fair to post his response here;

Re. the enquiry about the Vetere TT:
"customer placed order on website
sent numerous emails and payment ever received
cutomer did not fill in contact number so could not call to discuss
even offered free shipping to help this customer out"

Re. UHQR Aqualung:
"sent last year - tracking sent by email
fedex tried several times to contact about import fees due by email , no mobile number so they could not call
parcel returned
contacted customer again about re-shipment
he did Not lose 300pounds as refund was sent"

I don’t want this thread, or indeed this forum, to be host to any dispute with a reseller, so I would advise any customer who has any issue or query here with SN to get in touch with him directly. To that end, I also think it’s appropriate to now close this thread.

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