Scott Nangle

Just asking for peace off mind its in no way a complaint anbout them
When you order from them obviously you get the email to say so and thank you
But do they let you know when they ship the order out with a email and tracking number or does it just turn up out the blue as such

I think they just arrive.
Good friend of mine uses him regularly for vinyl, he’s been buying a lot of expensive releases.

Thanks for that
Yep I ordered 2 albums came to quiet a lot but are analog all through the process off production
I k ow the postal are backed up a lot and its been Xmas and all but I’m scared stiff if they just leave them next to the bin like amazon do if we aren’t in that’s all

Check your account on the SN site. It should show the status of your order.

SN usually packs very well and larger orders usually go via DPD with real time map tracking.

Hi Richard didn’t register with them just ordered I’m sure it will be fine like I say just don’t want to find them behind the bin wet through

If in doubt, drop Scott an email or give him a call.

Think I will Richard just to find out, silly thing is I’m up that way a lot but Trying to park a 38 ton plus wagon out side can be a problem sometimes

38 ton?
How heavy is the pressing?

I’m more used to 180g😁


Just before Christmas I received some LPs which had been on order for some time. As Richard notes, they are very well packaged and he includes an outer sleeve and a spare inner sleeve for each, which is a good service. A tracking number was sent once posted.
However, communication is pretty non-existent.

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I am looking to buy a Vertere DG1 TT but as i’m in Ireland, there are no suppliers. I looked on SNV website and it seems that they might ship outside the UK. Can anyone confirm this? Slightly off topic but it is the same website as is being discussed

Haven’t got a clue about Scott Nangle, but I tried before Xmas to order a top plate for the woodburner stove from Ireland where we got it from 3 years ago and they would not deliver to UK yet they did for the stove and flue plus parts 3 years ago, so all I can suggest is ring after new year and ask, ps I tried ringing at 10am today and no response

He’s a good guy and knows his pressings but does need a polite nudge from time to time. It’s a floor I can live with as it’s good to support the smaller Independents.

Don’t worry, he won’t take your money and run!

Well I’m still waiting for the two albums
Van morison moondance analog
Fleetwood mac rumours analog throughout the whole process
When ordered it said low stock so I paid
When asking Scott via text as he would not answer the phone, he said they had been out off stock for years
Waiting for repress and stuck at customs and covid
This was last week
No sh#t sherlock
1 why take money if its out off stock for years and yep think we are all aware off covid and what it has done
He seems very uptight in life
Any way I text back saying not a problem as I was very worried that they might off just been left on the step and gone missing
So I’ll see if they ever turn up or I might have to ask for a refund if it gets to April and no sign of them

preordered UHQR Aqualung in october, changed order in december because records were not availiable, he wrote that the new order was shipped, nothing received, lost 300.

It might be worth giving Vertere a ring, I’ve bought directly from them (as upgrades for a Roksan), as there isn’t a retailer in your country Touraj might ship directly.

It should have tracking info. Otherwise, I would suggest giving him a call. If it’s being sent to Europe then there may well be long delays due to Covid and also new customs arrangements.

I have followed this thread with interest. I have ordered LPs from Scott Nangle over the last 12 months or so and overall, I have been very pleased with the service. As others have said, the records are extremely well packed - probably the best of the different suppliers I’ve tried. I have found that, when he has records in stock, the order arrives very quickly. If he has to order stock in, there seems to be a delay which is not surprising, especially at the moment with Covid.

I ordered some records mid-December and I chased them up in January by email, but received no response. I also tried to call him, but couldn’t get through. Then, out of the blue, I got an email to say the records were on their way.

He does carry a wide range of audiophile and other records, but one area where he could improve is in his communication with customers.

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The last mail was from Januar, 13. Then i heard nothing from him, no response to my mails. I have really no problems with delay because of Covid or anything else, but no réaction is not so nice. I ordered and payed in the beginning of october!

Although I have no direct experience with this particular seller, I have been warned about him from three different sources. I realise it doesn’t help those who are still waiting for deliveries, but it’s probably a good idea to check that he has stock of the item before ordering. Or simply learn from the lessons of others. Caveat emptor.

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I think one look at Trustpilot would tell you all you need to know.