Screen freeze on NDX2 with 3.5.1 firmware

Sad to report that I am getting the art work screen freeze on my NDX2 again. I thought this was one of the specific issues that was supposed to be fixed with the 3.5.1 firmware update. Requires re-booting to get rid of it.

It seems to be fixed for most everyone bar one or two reports otherwise, so please contact Naim tech support ASAP and let them know. Thanks.

I will. I’ll let it run for a little more first, so that I can get an idea of the regularity.

Same problem on my NDX2 with 3.5.1 since yesterday …
A restart resolved the problem.
I am in France, should I contact Naim in UK?
Have a good day !

Yes, please do contact Naim tech support.

Thank you Richard, this has just been done

I’ve got 3 tickets in now. 2 for screen freezes. 2 for 2 random reboots yesterday. Starting to loose patience now…left ndx2 running. Came back from work and just got a blank screen. No album art.

I’ve had this twice on my new ndx2 which I’ve had 5 days! A reboot cured it the first time, but havent bothered to reboot today. I will contact my dealer first tomorrow I think. Apart from this minor issue its fantastic!

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Unfortunately had the screen freeze today as well.

Strange thing is it’s the first time my Nova has done this, not an issue before 3.5.1

Will submit a ticket to Naim

Similar to mine. Naim told me it occurs due to overlooking of the cpu. Whilst I understand what that means, I don’t get why you’d need to do that with a music streamer.

It’s just an irritation really. I rebooted again earlier and its ok again now. These things happen with complex kit. It does sound bloody good though and its not run in yet. What I haven’t had so far is a fall off in performance during running in which some have mentioned - thats tempting fate!

If you get screen freeze please report it to Naim tech support. Thanks.

Already reported here. The email reply talked about overclocking. But only applicable to certain ndx2’s.

Screen freeze can also mean no screen. Unless you turn it off and on.

According to an email from Naim support this issue will be addressed in firmware update 3.5.2 which is “imminent”.

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Good timing, will pick up my (preloved 2019) NDX2 and the other 3 new units tomorrow :slight_smile:

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