SD Card For Uniti Nova

I’ve found an old SD card with music already on it and have slotted into my Nova.
The music is visible but doesn’t play properly, it plays for 4 seconds then stops, after another 4 seconds it starts to play again. The card is 32GB, 45MB/s, class 10 U1

Does anybody know what the minimum spec is for an SD Card to play music on the Nova ?
Does anybody successfully use an SD card in their Nova ?
Thanks in advance

I have a very similar spec card (Speed 400x rather than 45MB/s is the only difference). So I thought I would see if I could get it to work. Like you, I can see the music but it will not play. I have tried FAT32 and NTFS formats and Flac and MP3 files with no success.

I only ever tried a USB drive formatted to FAT 32, a freebie given out by Naim…worked fine. Hopefully someone will come along who has tried an SD card successfully.


I dont really need it but it bugs me that it doesn’t work. Anyone had any luck?

Not much traffic on this topic, i would either ask your dealer or send Naim support an email.

I have emailed Naim support to ask what is the minimum spec for an SD card to use with the Nova.
If they come back to me I will post their answer.

Interesting - I’d actually forgotten until recently about the SD card slot - given the lower capacities generally compared to USB devices potentially connectable I’m surprised this slot is on the rear.

If I can find one I’ll try some music from it.

Again we need a proper manual.

This is wrong:

I have a Sandisk 128GB small form factor USB stick in the front USB and this CAN be browsed using the remote whereas LAN based storage can’t (unlike old streamers :frowning: )

This is about all I can find specifically about SD in the tedious online ‘help’ - sorry to be critical but it is frustrating to navigate even if it may hit the nail on the head for some searches.

Reply from Naim a Support - doesn’t answer the question

Good morning,

The Star ihas the ability of streaming Hi-res audio from any class of SD card. We would normally recommend formatting the card to FAT32 or NTFS.

Please note you can also call us:

Please quote reference 1-1-2410129 if you call.

Kind Regards,

Connor (Naim Support Team)

I would call them an explain your problem, as they are saying all SD cards are ok if fat32 or ntfs.


How are you accessing the files? I have found that if you go via “Servers” in the App, it will list the music but will not play it from an SD card (or USB for that matter). But, if you go via USB and select SD, it works fine either using the app or the remote.

Hope that may help.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have now copied off the files from the SD card and have reformatted the card (fat 32). I copied the files back onto the card.
I have gone via the remote into USB - SD and all the music is visible and now it is playing ok.
The SD card was used in my car before I tried it in the Nova - not sure if this could have caused the issue.
So erasing the SD Card and reformatting has fixed the issue.

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