Sd card or usb stick


Ive recently got a uniti star , awesome device and now i want to rip some cds that arent on streamimg services … mainly out of laziness meaning i dont have to get up and down changing cds .

Is there any sound quality difference between sd card and usb stick ??.. or ease of use between the 2 ??

Many thanks in advance

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Might be an idea to read this…

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It has been said that the way data is managed on an SDD is better than an USB Stick, but I’m not sure that affects SQ. Remembering that you are only reading data that has probably been placed on a newly formatted drive, rather than data that is forever being deleted and updated. I just use a 256Gb Flash drive nearly full of Flac files, and never get a drop out

I suppose an SDD is going to be larger, so needs consideration to it’s location

I use both a Western Digital My Passport SSD and Sandisk SD Card (both 512Gb) to separate music genres and don’t notice any difference in sound quality.

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I presume you mean SSD, but the OP is asking about SD cards, rather than SSD drives.

Never heard of Scooby Dooby Doo drives? They’re brilliant at hunting you’re track, but can sound a little ruff

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