Sean Jacobs DC4/ARC6

Added Sean Jacobs DC4 w new ARC6 module (+ silver wire option) to CHORD Dave / MScaler in tri-amped NAP500’s / Snaxos / 552 / Titans 808 system.

Result? :rose: **Absolutely transcendent! ** :rose:

Music just open open open with highs reaching up to heaven and lows reaching down to hell. Sounds like a natural subwoofer has been added…!


Nick (Fourlegs) has been praising these power supplies for quite a while now. I realize the Arc6 is the updated version of the DC4, but just how much better is it? What is the cost of a couple of these on top of the Mscaler/Dave? Have you tried PGGB files yet?

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The dc4 is £5400

Any thoughts about how it compares with other top of the line sources, e.g. from dCS, Linn or Naim and how you might describe the differences?

You have read probably the review on Audiophile style?

If I assume that’s a reply to my post then no, I haven’t. I’ve just popped over to have a look and nothing’s popping out at me. Is it HamburgSteinwayB’s review? Do you have the name of the thread or title of the review?

I’m always curious when someone says “this sounds great” (especially if opening a new thread to discuss it). I find it useful to know in what context it sounds great, i.e. compared to what other similar items the listener might have experience of, what the listener’s preferences are, what it’s particular strengths are and in what areas other competing products might do a better job.

Tap this on google : Reality Quest: Power and Digital Audio with the Sean Jacobs DC4 and Sound Application PGI TT-7 (Part 1 of 2)
You will find the review of Audiophile style, on Chord Dave powered by DC4.
Review by Ray Dude

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Thanks, I’ll take a look.

You don’t have to go “all the way” with a SeanJacobs DC4/ARC6 into the DAVE - which does involve opening the DAVE, removing the internal SMPS, and connecting up the DC4. A ‘modification’ however good it is, and we know that Sean designs the internal PSUs for Innuos (Zen, Zenith etc).

I have just replaced a Naim Powerline into my new DAVE with a Shunyata Venom NR V10 power cable with good results (tighter bass, more open mid-range, better soundstage - all the cliches) .

So Naim’s big black boxes are voiced with the Powerline and Fraim (and I appreciate both) but alternative power accessories can work better with non-Naim. I will keep 1 x Powerline for my Atom which is a worthwhile addition.

On day 2 of run in for my DC4 ARC6 on my DAVE.
There is no going back…

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I met Sean this last Tuesday, visiting his premises…well impressed with the Guy, his workshop (and his Abyssinian cat), and the reviews look pretty good…hope to try some of his offerings soon…

Posts like this are profoundly unsettling … :grin:

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He’s solid gold: informed, informal, very helpful and entirely bullshit-free.


and highly qualified at what he does too.

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Yes, but apart from that Michael?

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I think we are going to see/hear a lot more of this Guy and his designs/products…

He never built the aqueducts….


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