Sean Lock, RIP

Very funny man, on stage and off. Very young and will be missed.


What a terrible shame. I have seen him a few times and always amazed just how sharp he was. A very very funny man indeed. Such a loss at that age.


Really good piece by Harry Hill which says it so much better than I could


A very sad loss. He always gave the impression that his humour was spontaneous, largely unscripted.

There is an exchange that still plays out in my mind between Sean and Stephen Fry on QI involving an old bottle that’s a comedy masterclass - simple and very, very funny.

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What a bugger.

Oh dear. Another good one gone way too soon.

Perhaps it’s time to read those early retirement threads :thinking:

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Very sad a true comedian indeed will be missed.

Very sad. Ended many a week watching 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Had the pleasure of seeing him live a few years ago. Side splittingly funny and spontaneous humour in the style of Paul Merton. A sad loss indeed. In the next life, if he tours, I’ll definitely go see him again. Locke and Hicks would be a fine double bill.


Apart from his humour, I liked him very much because we shared a passionate hate for Piers Morgan.
He once said “Daleks are devoid of all emotion bar hatred. Think Piers Morgan on castors”

Rest easy Sean.

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Extremely sad news. I thought he was among the best wits of the last 20 years. I tend to prefer dry, but sharp Comedians as a rule. He (and Jon) really carried 8 out of 10 Cats, despite the considerable dead-weight drag of Jimmy Carr as host…


Sad news, a very funny man!!

I would be proud to have left behind something as memorable.


On one of the first Cats Does Countdown…
“I’ll have an exclamation mark please Rachel”

And his off the cuff response to Rachel donning a Viking helmet and beard…
“That’s a challenging wank”

Absolutely top bloke. Saw him live a few years ago, very good.

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