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Hello everyone,
happy new year and all the best for a good 2023.

I have a question…

How, or where in the focal /naim app can you define which sources, that should be used for
searching songs, albums, artists, playlists ?

My main source for streaming is Tidal with a HiFi Plus Plan which works fine and is great integrated in Naim app.

But sometimes I would love to stream from Spotify as well ( or for example sometimes friends, who are around, would love to stream something from their spotify source ).

Using the search function in Focal/Naim app only crawls through radio-stations, local saved music and Tidal. How and where can I enable that Focal/Naim should also browse through the Spotify account ?

Would be great if someone can point me the way and looking forward to your thoughts,

Thank you all a lot and best regards, Vegas

Hi, you can search Tidal or Qobuz from within the Naim app because it has built in support for both of these services. Spotify doesn’t, and can only be used via Spotify Connect from its own app, so that’s where you need to do any searches.

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hi chris, thank you for the fast insight.
so basically one can close naim app. open spotify, pick a song and then use the small icon bottom left to choose the streaming device and run it through there ?
no need for the naim app in that case ?
best and thank you !!

Yes, Spotify offer what’s called Spotify Connect as a way to cast to a (Naim) streamer so you control everything including volume from their app. Tidal also offer Tidal Connect now, or you can use it from within the Naim app if you prefer.

thank you again !
do you know if there is any difference in sound quality and/or connection stability between using tidal through the naim app or streaming out of tidal directly with their connect function?
hope you had a nice weekend and tomorrow a nice start into the week.
best regards !!

Just so you know you don’t need to go into the naim app at all to use Spotify connect just go into the Spotify app and select your streamer from the list.

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thank you!
got it and works great :white_check_mark:

Hi Vegas
Your NDX2 does not allow you to get the Tidal MQA Hi-Res audio so you are wasting your money with a Tidal HiFi Plus subscription and you should change it to the HiFi subscription for their CD quality streams.

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thank you so
much for the hint !
i always thought ndx2 is able to stream that
best quality.
just out of curiosity is there a naim streamer that does ?
best v.

No, Naim has no support for MQA.
(All current streaming devices are very similar in streaming functionality. Same software platform. Though very much difference put into the HW affecting sound quality, e.g. around the (different) DACs, electrical isolation, …)

Hi Vegas,
As all ready advised no Naim streamers do MQA, however, you could do a free trial on Qobuz to get Hi-Res tracks and see how you go, you have a great hifi system so will get great benefit trying Qobuz.
Most people on the forum have Naim streamers and thus use Qobuz rather than Tidal.
I stick with Tidal because I like the music videos that Tidal stream and I can play the audio from the videos through my Lumin P1 streamer which is also MQA compatible.
The other benefit of Qobuz is its alot cheaper than Tidal for the Hi-Res music access.

MQA has been discussed quite a bit in the past. Type in ‘Naim and MQA’ in the search function and 50+ threads available. Tailor the search and you may be able to narrow down responses.

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