Searching/filtering the files on my server

I think I asked this once before, but I can’t find the thread. When I do a search using the Naim app, it tells me it is searching radio stations, my streaming services, and Local Music (which I assume means music attached to my player). How do I filter/search the 40,000+ files on my server?

Load Miniserve or asset onto your server. Use either to locate/play your music.

I am perfectly happy with the JRiver server on a Windows 11 machine with a 7TB USB drive. The Naim app can certainly find all my files. If it can’t search/filter them, I will use JRemote, which can.

If you load Miniserve or asset onto your server, you will be able to use the Naim app to search and filter.

The app cannot do a global search of a NAS based music library, unless it’s a Core or USB attached library.
For other servers, you can only search locally within the Server input, which is a more or less useless function unless you have forgotten your alphabet.

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So if I want to track down all my recordings of Mack the Knife (by a variety of artists on a variety of albums) the app cannot do that. Even if I were using Miniserver or Asset?

Note - as per the above, I would not change my nice and stable set-up even if I could, as JRemote can do it with my JRiver server.

Most servers provide the option to view a full track listing. If you navigate to this in the Server input you can then search it. Whether or not that is of any use is debatable as you could equally well scroll down to M and find it.

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Makes sense.

Neither JRiver nor LMS (for my remaining Squeezebox and some ChromeCast Audio streamers) have that full track listing option. But both have a search feature that will find individual tracks.

LMS will do it.

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Yes, that’s what I said. But what LMS doesn’t have (to my knowledge*) is what ChrisSU described - a full track listing that can then be filtered. Instead I can use its search function, just as I can use the search function with JRiver/JRemote

  • I am not familiar with all of the LMS plug-ins.

Edit. I see Fatcat has succeeded in getting the Naim App to do a search. :+1: That I have not done. Did you use the DLNA plug-in for LMS?

For a long time - well before I had any Naim equipment, I used the ChromeCast plug-in so that LMS could stream to my ChromeCast Audio pucks. I struggled to get that to work stably. (My brother had similar problems.) Now that it is stable, I would be reluctant to create another DLNA server on the same machine.

I’m using a free app called Squeezer, to stream to SBT, then on to the ndac.

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