Searching for a good 220 V - 110 V Transformer

I bought my Naim Nova in the US but have to take it with me to India where the electric power is 220V 50Hz. US, on the other hand, uses 110V 60Hz. I am hoping someone in this community will have suggestions about a step-down transformer that does not cause humming or a degradation in the sound quality. Would appreciate if you could point out any other technical issues that I have to consider in addition to the voltage difference.

I am assuming you live in the USA at the moment ?
If they will ship to the USA or India you will have to ask them, but i imagine they may well do.
This is not just a step down transformer but a balanced power supply as well. I have a 230v to 230v version of this and it does hum slightly, if you get close enough to it.

Most Naim equipment can be converted, eliminating the need for additional transformers, along with the added inconvenience, expense and environmental cost of the extra hardware.

As Chris says, it can simply be flicked over internally between 110/220. See link ref windings, fuse and sticker - same applies to the nova. Have a word with your local US dealer, or focnam, or av options.


Hello Arun, from the performance point of view I would contact the AK International based in Delhi to get the voltage changed from 110 to 220V. BTW where you are based in India?

Sure. Thanks. I will be going to Mumbai.

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Naim Service center for the entire North America is in Canada and I was told the conversion could take more than a month because the unit has to clear the Canadian Customs etc when I ship it to them. I am leaving for India in less than a month.


Sell it and buy the correct voltage unit.

You could ask AVoptions, Naim authorised service centre in the US.

Great I’m from Marol, Mumbai.

Best of Luck

Naim converted my UK 220 edition go the NAP 200 to US 110. It’s all internal so can be done

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I understand that it’s a VERY simple operation once the case is opened.

You might find someone in your city who can do it.

The process isn’t quite as straight forward with the Nova - the device needs to be reconfigured too.
So do make sure that whoever performs the conversion is a) aware of this & b) has the necessary hardware/software to do it.



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