Second Hand 82 Right Channel Problem

I recently purchased an olive 82 to replace my 102. No tweeter and very low woofer on the right channel from all sources. I see others here had similar issues but I could not find a resolution. When I replace the 82 with my 102 both channels work and are clear from all sources. The 82 was serviced by Naim in 2019 in the UK and I live in the US. I’m using the NAPSE from my 102 (115V) to power the 82 - could that be the problem? It’s the older smaller NAPSE. I have two 250s, two hicaps, and a SNAXO going to SBLs. Any ideas on what could be the problem would be greatly appreciated.

Try pressing the mono button in and out a few times. That worked for me when I had similar symptoms with my 82. I pressed it maybe 12 times on and off.

No its not the NAPSC…

Is the 82 running from just 1 HiCap…? Or 2…?

Is the paddle shaped link plug inserted in link 2. I assume you have one Hicap powering the 82, the other powering the SNAXO ?

Are you sure the volume knob has not slipped on its post?

Yes one HICAP to the 82 and the other to the SNAXO. The link plug is plugged in as well. Volume and balance controls feel normal. Upon swapping in the 82 for the 102 the second time - all seems to be working now loud and clear on both sides. Perhaps the I had the mono button on. Thank you for the help,


Good a superb upgrade !


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Thank thank you all again.

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Now you’ve reminded me, I had the same issue with my 82 - one channel fine, the other sounding very odd. (similar back end, SNAXO, 250s, SBLs)

I did the usual engineers approach …… unplug everything and plug it back in**. Problem went away.

** reminiscent of “The IT Crowd” and Chris O’Dowd, “Have you tried turning it off and on again”

At work we called it “an unverified failure”……aka “we have no idea, but it’s OK now” :laughing:

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Yeah, we had NFF when we sent cough “faulty”units back to the supplier, It was rare….maybe a couple of times in my last five years…because the equipment suppliers themselves were rigorous in their test phases.

But (upwards-facing) we then had to go though a few more hoops to get it signed off by our customer. Normally it involved extensive retesting (prior agreed by a review board which included the customer).

And a shed-load of paperwork!

Don’t forget we are looking at a lifetime of 15+ years….and it’s a tad difficult to get a service technician out to 36000 kilometres…… for a start, the mileage charged would be astronomic :laughing:

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