Second System Build/Development

Hi All.
I’m looking to further build on and develop my second system.

I’m currently using a Uniti Atom with Nap250 DR and Audiovector Mi3 Super loudspeakers.

This has a multi-functional roll with Music (streaming), TV, PS5 etc in a games / entertainment room.

I also have a XPSDR, Ndac & Din hi-line surplus to requirement when I upgraded my main system to consider.

Should I:

  1. Swop out the Uniti Atom for a NCS222 and connect the XPSDR & Nap250 DR using the cables available from Naim. A nice neat 3 box solution utilising two of the three boxes & move the Ndac on.

  2. Use Ndac with XPSDR with new streamer (Innuos or ND5 XS2) add Nait50 & move the Nap250 Dr on?

  3. Something else I haven’t considered. Space is a consideration and adding a pre-amp / power supply is not really on option as boxes need to fit on side unit.

Budget around 5k GBP.

Any suggestions / recommendations most welcome.


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Why not switch your Atom to an Atom HE which is a dedicated pre-amp and I am sure you will get better results from your NAP250, whilst keeping box count and size ?

The Nait 50 is a superb amplifier , it would go well with a ND5XS2 , though I do not know you speakers , I have Habeth P3 ESR and the Nait 50

The third alternative would be an Atom H and a Quad power amp.

All of this is based on your requirements for a quality set up , with minimal box count

I am giving serious thought to adding an Atom HE to my Nait 50 to act as DAC and streamer for my CDx2.2

If it was me your suggestion of the NSC 222 would work extremely well with your power amp, and if course the Atom is a very tradable piece of kit

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I don’t think anything past the Uniti line has HDMI. Of course you could use optical for the TV but not sure about the PS5.

Indeed various possible avenues there:

  • How about getting a Uniti Nova (has HDMI) with the Audiovectors as a one box solution?

  • That is if you really need HDMI, as has been said you can also take the digital audio out from the TV (screen), and hook up video and games to that via HDMI.

  • In which case an Atom HE would be a lovely combination with the NAP250 DR.

  • Or move to the New Classic 222/250 combination, two boxes that may appeal even more.

  • Also a three shelve system could be made by upgrading the ND5 XS2 and the DC1 in your main system, and use those with the bare nDAC into a XS3 (my system).

  • Four shelves give room to the above source with now the XPS on the nDAC via the HiLine into a SN3, a source first system with two slimline & two classic boxes .

  • Same as above, but NAC282 / NAP200 DR instead of SN3 for amps, five shelves though.

Various stuff to sell off in all these scenarios, and a lot to contemplate!

Hi Ian, thanks for the reply.
I don’t know how much of an upgrade the Atom HE is over the standard Atom with the Nap250 DR. I thought that the Atom HE was geared more towards headphone usage with the option to add a power amplifier if desired, or is there more to it?
……or how it would perform against the 222 when used in conjunction with the XPSDR & Nap250 DR, I feel that the latter combo would offer more.

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Hi Naitman,
The TV connects to the Atom using optical connection. PS5 into TV using HDMI.
If I chose option 1 then I would go optical to the 222.
If I chose option 2 then it would be optical into Innuos or ND5 XS2.

Hi Daddy Cool,
Interesting comments.
No need for Nova as TV connects to Atom using Optical.
Trading in for New Classic isn’t really the direction I was looking to go.
I would rather try and used what exists and keep changes to a minimum.
Good shout on using my ND5 XS2 & DC1 from my main system. But what to replace with as the main system set up is awesome to me.
The four box system made sense to me too just with the Nait50 in place of a Supernait.
The pre-amp power supply goes past the box count unfortunately.

NDX2 with or without XPS-DR? Innous Pulse or Pulsar?

Given your requirements and preferences, I would say the Atom HE (better pre-amp) into your NAP250 DR should be a very nice and simple move. Perhaps @Ardbeg10y can chime in.


You do get what you pay for , and despite the Naim marketing dept in reality the Atom HE is the Mini brother of the 222, all I can say is that it is a specialist pre amp, which the Atom is not.

I understand the headphone in the Nait 50 is the same as the Atom HE

Returning to your comment about box count , why not the Atom HE and some active speakers ?

That ‘s a one box :package: solution …

I’m not using my Atom HE with my tv, so I find it difficult to comment on. Given it’s a second system, I would think that the Atom He is a nice budget friendly option, but I would also be tempted to try make the most from the nDac.

We’re using a Naim AV2 as av processor and it does a sterling job for front and rear loudspeakers. I’m very happy that my tv does down mixing properly so we get good surround sound.

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