Second System Change

A couple days ago I moved my NDX2 to my main system and put my ND555 on the Supernait 3. I don’t do any serious listening on the main system with my digital source, only with my LP12. The ND555 sounds good with the supernait 3 but am thinking of maybe moving to a NC 250 and partnering with a source that can just go to an amp. That of a Bartok or Rossini. I think to really get the most out of my ND555 I’d have to get separates and trying to keep a box count down in my second system. Any other suggestions? Maybe a D’Agostino or Burmester with a Bartok? I’m driving Wilson Duette’s in the second system. Thanks!

I guess the obvious choice with a 250 would be an NSC222.

I don’t understand. You have an Nd555 with 552/500 and Wilson speakers, and Ndx2 with Supernait, but you finally put the Nd555 on the Supernait and Ndx2 on 552/500.

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I did wonder too?

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I think you need to have a rethink,and move some items on such as the nd555 or ndx2 and buy perhaps a new system like the new 200 or 300 series?

As has been suggested, it may be worthwhile putting your ‘best’ streamer with your ‘best’ amp.

If you’re looking at a change, a Rossini Apex comfortably outperforms both the ND555 and the NDX2. I run one with a D’Agostino amp, and the results are stunning.


Yes, a bit odd I guess but here’s what I’m doing. The room in my basement is for my second system started earlier in 2023. I have 2 young kids and rarely get quality time to listen to the main 500 system. When i do, it is spent with my LP12. There is always music on in the house though and that has been with the ND555 until I just put the NDX2 in that system.

When I get downstairs to the second system it is dedicated listening but on a smaller system in a smaller room. That source is an ND555 now with the Supernait. I would either keep the ND555 and find a better integrated amp to run it into or switch to a new digital source that can run directily into an amp. Hence the Bartok/D’Agostino option?

Or, the other idea to still keep box count relatively low is a 250 DR into maybe the new Naim 332 preamp to keep the ND555.

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Thanks @Andyblain Are you running the Rossini directly into a D’agostino amp without a preamp? wshich amp do you use?

He has the Dagostino intgraated.

Nice beast!


That is a beast! I’ve seen one before and thought about this as well. There is a used D’agostino s200 for sale nearby that could be worth a try. If I switched to a new source, I may have to just start with a Bartok though as funds don’t really permit for a Rossini.

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This set up. The Kurtis out on whether it’s better to use a dCS app directly into a power amp. You need to listen with your own ears to decide what you prefer. But, dCS is quality equipment.


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