Second system for streaming to my studio

I have an NDX2/282/250 at the heart of my main listening room, and listen to a lot of Qobuz streaming. I want to listen to Qobuz streaming in my studio which is on the same wired LAN network. So what are my options here? I was wondered about buying an early Super Unity, (lots of good second hand ones about) The idea would then be, to use my NDX2 to serve up Qubuz to the studio system. I gather the SU would not be able to stream Qobuz HiDef on its own. Is that correct?. and what do other people do as a second system that will not break the bank. I have a spare pair of Alleas for the studio, so anything that could drive them.

If SU doesn’t do, then use a Atom.

In multiroom mode you can use the 1st gen Naim streamers, and your NDX2 will feed Qobuz to them. You would get better sound quality by adding a comparable current gen. streamer, but at a considerably higher cost.


Thanks Chris, you answered my question. I have not used multiroom yet, sounds ideal for my needs.

I’m not sure multi-room keeps hi-res from the NDX2 to another device. Doesn’t it stream a lower resolution @ChrisSU ?

Curious to know to, however I think that this kind of solution is essentially to provide ambient sound , so guess it’s not going to compromise?!

I’ve got a UQ2 for my bedroom system. I use a Raspberry Pi4 with Bubble UPnP Server to get Qobuz in .WAV transcoded hi-res.

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Guess thats probably my UQ2 destiny: the moment i decide to make the jump to Nova,
thats probably his future function…

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The Atom, with it’s far more advanced streaming platform, is coming through at good prices in the UK secondhand market.

I am very pleased with mine - both standalone and multi room from my NDX2.

Honestly, if I was only able to have one hifi component it would be one of the current Uniti range (Atom, Star, Nova).

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