Second system gone, muso in its place maybe?

Right i have sold all my second system, that i used in the family room, as it wasn’t being used much, so would like something simple and one box, that i can sit on a wall shelf under the tv.
Been looking at muso and i think that will be fine for what we want.
But i see the mk1 can’t do qobuz, is there an easy way i can get it to do this? Also i believe you can use a a sound bar for the tv?
Dont really want to buy a mk2 unless its the only way, as secondhand mk1 are very cheap.
Had a quick look to see about above, but was hoping to get some real advise from here, if i can.

Not sure if the muso mk1 can be serviced, the mk2 can. That would be my decision making advice. I got a great deal on an ex demo QB2, that could be an option, a ring around a few dealers might bring the muso2 price down.

Not that bothered about service really, been offered a mk1 for £350 and includes a red grill as well as the standard black one, thats never been used. Its a big difference in price to the mk2 from this, but as i use qobuz on my main system, i really wanted to use this on this as well if i can.
Roon is not an option as i dont want it

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Not sure if you use an Android phone/tab. If you do, the BubbleUpnp Android app can play Qobuz to a Muso 1. The phone/tab and app need to be running as it handles the flow/queue.
BubbleUpnp server can do it too with wav transcoding to the Muso 1.

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I don’t have Qobuz myself, but think it supports Chromecast, so you should be able to use a Chromecast Audio dongle into the optical input.

Only solution is to hear it. For me Muso1 is simply a boombox, good when considered that way (though way more than I would pay), but nowhere near hifi. However that is me, and other people would seem to have been highly satisfied with it - clearly it depends on your expectations, sound desires, and wallet.

Raspberry pi with s/pdif hat outputs to Muso, can then run Qobuz into it without the compromises on bitrate of wireless streaming. Works very well, costs about £30 if you have a Pi kicking around, £70 if not.

As for @Innocent_Bystander’s view, listening is certainly a good idea, but I think that for a single box system, it’s remarkably good. It is helped by not being too low down, and on a firm support, and not next to a resonant wall, but makes musical and space-filling sound that is remarkable in its spaciousness for just one box.

I have one, as the system in the family dining/kitchen room, where it does duties as background music, for kids to demo their favourites to us, and listening-whilst-cooking activities. It’s not to the standard of the main system, but in value for money terms is probably better!

Well i am going to buy the mu so mk1, just sent the email over.
I dont need the same quality or expecting anything like what i have in the main system, but it needs to sound ok, be easy to use, look good and be one box.
The wife will mainly be using it and the previous system i had in the family room, NDS, twin power supplies, 250 amp, 82, tannoy speakers, was just to large, plus my family didn’t like using it, tried to simplify it down a bit, but they still would just not use it, so its now all gone and hope the much simpler mu so will get used and the wife is looking forward to it, as she already loves the uncluttered look.
Going to see how it goes without qobuz, as thinking about it last night, we also have other streamer platforms already that it can deal with and not sure if the added quality of qobuz is really needed for it, or even if it will make any difference to quality?
Also looking to explore the use with tv, as i think this could be great and much better than the crap speakers built into the Samsung

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying a sound bar for our tv.

Yesterday I tried our Mu-so mk1 under the TV using optical in.

It sounds good. However it is place on a cabinet with door, no isolation and a shelf above. This tended to give too much bass. Opening the door helped a lot.

In terms of Qobuz I’ve used Mconnect to get it to the Mu-so.

Now have to decide my next step.

Had a QB1 for 3 years now, great box of tricks but never bothered with QBuz.



I’m toying with the idea of adding a mu-so. I’m happy with my main system for proper listening, and Qb’s (and/or Mu-So) everywhere else, where it will mostly be background while doing other things.
Currently deciding which of the above to add, never really considered a “proper” system for other rooms.

I have a mk1 Muso and use it primarily as a sound bar for the TV, never for “serious” music listening. For background music I feed it with Qobuz via bluetooth from my iPhone. OK, not a purist approach but more than adequate for casual listening. As IB said earlier, the Muso is not really a true HiFi product, but is very good at what it is designed for.

You could also try airplay, that might make a little better SQ experience.


Mu so mk1 coming today hopefully, got it for a great price from a dealer.
Decided for now i am just going to sit it on its wall shelf, plug it in and leave the misses and kids to it, so it will be running spotify and bluetooth for now, plus i will link it up to to my melco.
Not going to bother with qobuz for now, unless i find i am using it more, but i cant see that really happening

Enjoy your new purchase - but I am sure you will!!

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Misses and girls are already fighting over it, left them too it and messing about in the other room, with speaker position.

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