Secondary (and tertiary, etc. ...) systems - photos and commentary

We don’t have animal pets, but I do have what I consider to be pet stereo systems. I am a friend and family enabler, and also pretty much any space at home and work that can have a system, does have a system.

Inaugurating this thread with a system in our bedroom alcove…pretty terrific sounding. I really wish I’d cleaned the fascias beforehand but the light was just terrific and I grabbed the camera to capture.

While the Creek amp is great, the star of the show is the old Nakamichi tuner, which sounds just excellent. My understanding is that it has the same designer as the Yamaha T-2 (which I also have), and frankly sounds better. One that flies under the radar - I do not see much online about it. It has these fantastic green tuning lights that light up on each side of the tuning bar when the signal is fully locked. A bit of a British sound, somewhat similar to the Naim NAT03 but a bit fuller…actually now that I think of it, similar to Creek tuners but without the bad drift…

And those are Canton Plus S’s, great little bricks…

Inviting everyone to post their various secondary “pet” system photos and comments…


Wow, I’d had dreams this thread would take off! Consider this a hail Mary bump. :smile:


I know some people do have multiple systems, but certainly not all. In my case all resources went into building one system as good as I could afford. And other rooms then have the advantage of being free from my music (except when I get too spirited!). Good luck with your thread.

This is my second system, the LG OLED C2 TV was new, but all the audio equipment was in my main system before I slowly upgraded it all over the last two years:
Roksan Caspian M2 CD Player
NAD C658 Streamer/DAC
Cambridge Audio Azur 752 BD Bluray Player
Dynaudio Audience 72SE Speakers

Its installed in my study room and I use it mostly when I get kicked out of the family lounge room where the main system is located.

I strongly suspect all people’s second systems are already in the System Pics thread. Mine are.

I find that building one big system isn’t compromised by having other second systems as long as rules are set. My max cost limit for an entire second system was always the equivalent of a new SuperCap or less (under half the cost of a SCdr in most cases).

And when you WFH and have kids hogging the main room, those secondary systems get the most use.

Here’s my other systems, don’t really have a ranking order.

Technics Su-G700m2 connected to Kef R3 Metas with P3, Wiim Pro Plus and Rega Apollo (transport) front ends and then Densen system into Kef LS50 Metas and dual Kc 62 subs.

Technics one mostly used when using gym, Densen when sitting down facing the garden, chillin.

Both when being a kid. (Rega Apollo connected to both), transport to Technics and player to Densen.