Seeking Advice on Naim Preamp for Exposure XM7 and NAP 100 Setup

Hi everyone,

I currently have a setup consisting of an Exposure XM7 and a NAP 100, but I find myself needing more connections, because I bought a separate dac. As I primarily enjoy spinning vinyl, I currently use a separate preamp.

I’m at a bit of a crossroads and would appreciate your insights. Should I look for another Naim preamp to complement my existing setup, or would it be wiser to consider an XS2 or XS3? I’ve noticed that separate components, a preamp and power amp, seem to be more cost-effective than an integrated solution. However, I’m struggling to determine the ideal combination of preamp and power amp.

Is there a recommended list of combinations that you could point me to? I want to make sure I’m making an informed decision, and your experiences and suggestions would be invaluable.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and recommendations.

The xm7 has a decent set of inputs already, how many do you need?

Your profile says system = supernait, I’m guessing that’s no longer true?

I have a phono pre amp and a dac. Now I have one input.

72/hicap feeding your 100. Gives you 4 line level analogue inputs.
Though really you want 72/hicap/140.

Or keep what you have and use a beresford tc 7240. That will give you 4 inputs you can connect to one line level input on the xm7.

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