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My NDX screen is now completely blank. I would like to move the NDX to a room without an ethernet connection which means setting it up for a wireless network. Using the remote, the manual but no screen this has proved to be impossible. Could some kind soul with a fully functioning screen please write down the remote keystrokes to make this change?

Thanks in advance for your help.

My NDX is long gone so I’m afraid I can’t help, you, but I would advise that you think carefully before committing to using it over WiFi. The 1st gen streamers had poor WiFi modules which can, depending on the rest of your network, be very poor performers. By all means try it, but a wired connect is nearly always more stable. If you really can’t run a cable from your router, consider installing a Mesh or other network and putting an extender near the streamer, so that you can run a cable between the two.

The menus are shown in the manual

I think you will hit a couple of snags as you will need to select the wireless network from a list and also enter the key ‘blind’.

I would do as @ChrisSU suggests and look to putting a mesh network in and then using a spare ethernet port from one of the units. I’ve used TP-Link’s Deco very successful if this helps.


The screen on my UQ2 is dead and NDX in storage but, I’ve found that if the room is pitch black, you can just see the menu. By pitch black I mean absolute dark. If there is one power LED on the other side of the room, you wan’t be able to make out the screen.

Until a month or so ago it was just possible to make out the screen in total darkness but not anymore. Thanks for the suggestion.

How will you see the RC unit in the dark?

It was a right palaver - middle of the night, curtains drawn, a small torch to see the remote and even that won’t work now! I’ve bought an ND5XS2 which is working great but I had hoped to get a bit more use out of the old NDX in another room. I doubt that anyone would buy the NDX in it’s current condition so maybe my best bet is to get it repaired and then flog it.

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In order to get a new screen, the NDX has to have the 192/24 board, which early ones didn’t have out of the box, and the boards are no longer available at Naim. So that situation could determine your NDX’s future.

How can one tell, mine was made in 2013.

Then it will have the boards unless really unlucky. Mine is also 2013 and has the boards.

Given how much 24/192 content there is available, I’d expect you’d know by now just from functionality.

If you ring Naim technical support with the serial number, they will be able to tell you whether yours has the board or not.

The 24/192 board was introduced well before 2013 so you should be fine. It is required in order to use the NDX as a multiroom server, or to use Spotify or Tidal amongst other things so that should tell you for sure.

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