Seeting Up Cissco 2960G 8 Port Switch

I have purchased a preloved Cissco 2960 which has been factory reset and I have installed it in my network so that all that is connected to it is my Naim Streamer, NAS and my Draytek Router.
All the other data points in the house are connected to another switch which is connected to to the same router as the 2960.
Everyting works fine and the sound seems to have a less break ground noise when listening to my streamer.
Is that it or do I have to teach my self how to use PuTTY and do anything with the management layers of the 2960 via the Console connection?
Thank you.

Sit back and enjoy.

No further need to dabble if its all working and you’re liking the sound.


If you want to configure the switch you will need a console cable and a computer running something like Putty, Mac Terminal or similar. In most cases this isn’t necessary, so if it’s working well now you probably don’t need to.


It is working fine so I will leave it alone.
Thank you for your response.


It is working all OK, so I will not meddle with it.
Thank you for your input.

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