Sennheiser app

I’ve just downloaded the “Smart Control” app, but the only practical thing it does is enable Bluetooth. There’s no actual control interface for ANC level, EQ etc.?

Anybody else having this issue? :thinking:

On my iPhone it allows you to change ANC level, has an equaliser and allows the setting of the touch buttons (call respond, etc)

I won’t question your ability to install it, therefore it must be something odd - I assume the headphones you’ve connected are capable of those functions. Have you tried the old IT special of “have you reinstalled it”? Does it see your headphones and can it make and maintain a Bluetooth connection ?

(Just tried the Android version - that also allows the same settings to be altered as the IOS version)

I’ve got it and use it with my Ambeo Soundbar, You can adjust equaliser for each type of media being played , ie music,news,movie, etc. Change inputs etc.

Brand new Momentum 4’s. App has none of the functionalities you mention. Merely has a Bluetooth enabler.

Lots of complaints across “Reddit” about the app and also, the Sennheiser Customer Support phone number passes you to the new owner company called “Sonova” which then tells you that due to the “special situation”, they answer calls only "between 10am and 4pm, despite me calling them at 3pm (although I suppose they could be in a different time zone).

The sound is superb and all the on-headphone controls work so no complaints there and I’m using the EQ on my phone to just roll off a little bit of really low bass end. It would have been nice to set the ANC to adaptive though and have a bit of a root-around to see what else it could do.

I have Momentum 4s and the app works fine on my Android phone. You have to make sure the phones are switched on and paired. There is a list of devices in the app when the Momentum 4s show as connected, click on the box and the world is your lobster!

A-HA!! Thankyou buddy. :kissing_heart:

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