Sennheiser HD800S and the Beyerdynamic T1 version 2

I recently bought a pair of HD800S headphones, and compared to my previous Bayerdynamic Amiron Home, they are definitely a good sound upgrade to my ears. But they have one big downside. My wife can hear what she defines as my “screechy music” (Jazz), when I am out on the balcony, and she is in the living room.

So back to the internet. I read a comparison review of the HD800S and the T1 V2, where they were described as being pretty similar and on the same sound quality level. I was tempted by a pair of hardly used second hand T1’s that are going for a very low price.

Whilst all the reviews I read about the T1 V2 were positive, a rather geeky site which runs lots of tests, were very negative about these headphones. Their review left me rather perplexed.

So are they a less “leaky” alternative to the HD800S, or best avoided.

The Beyerdynamic T1 Ver 3 seems to be widely disliked, so I have ruled them out.

What about HD820’s? I believe these are a closedback version of the 800’s.

I have the closed version - T5 and they sound great to me - can you audition any?

I have thought about that but having just spent 1000+ on the 800S, I wanted something low cost as an alternative.

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I wand something low cost SH if possible as I will mostly use the 800S. I will look into a pair of SH T5 headphones. My open back Amiron’s do not spill a lot of sound, so I thought the T1 might be good.

But what really interests me is that a measurements based review, with lots of graphs and such, are very negative about a set of headphones that most reviews said were very good on the same level as the HD800S. Am I missing something.

They slam my Amiron Home cans too, which are admittedly a step downs from the HD800S. But are much better than the cheap headphones I used in the past.

The 820 closed back just sounded odd to me so would avoid or make sure they suit before taking the plunge.

Closed back is a different experience. Could you keep the 800’s whilst wife isn’t about and get a cheaper closed back pair for when she is - accept that may not be practical……

Yes, that is the plan. I am looking for something SH to save money, as the HD800S, was an a big investment.

I must admit, a comparison review made me curious about how some recordings sound better on one or other of the headphones.

I do a lot of listening on headphones.

Personally I find it quite restrictive listening to headphones but still have some……

I have open backs (HIfiman xs edition) and some wireless Sony WHXM5’s that serve portable needs and times when leakage isn’t ok. The Sony’s are pretty good value and sound good.


Thanks for the replies. Some good advice.

I have a question. Will the Lehmann Drachenfels or the headphone output on my Naim XS3 be able to drive the 600Om T1? I am zero in electronics, and cannot figure out the correlation with the Lehmann specs. I cannot find the specs for the Naim