Sensitivity of Nac 52 Phono using straight through

As per title…

What’s the sensitivity of the Nac 52 phono BNC inputs using the NA 526/1 straight through phono boards?

Is it 75mv, 100K Ohm the same as the other high level inputs?


@Richard.Dane - ?


I’m pretty sure that straight thru boards make it just another line input but I’m desperate to know why you’ve run out of line inputs? :blush:

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I haven’t run out, I have an old Sean Jacobs Solid Silver 5 Pin Din to RCA cable which I really like and atm is the best source cable I have.

I have been using it from my Naim Dac to Nac 52 but I just wanted to double check I’m using it at Line Level. It’s the white cable in the pic.

I intend to get a proper 5 Pin Din to 5 Pin Din at some point.

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I think so, yes.


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