Sensitivity Of SN3 For Full Output

"However, if the sensitivity of your amp is such that only 100mV can drive it to full output, then any of our MM stages will suffice.

The MM’s are too low on gain for a heathy output from the 1mV cartridge, and the MC’s are too high on gain and would clip.

I would have to design a phono stage specifically for this particular cartridge output."

Message from phono manufacturer

Is 100mV on a line input enough to drive a SN3 to full output?
Thank you.

100mV is quite low - normal line level is anywhere from 400mV-1V and digital kit is usually 2V, but the gain of Naim kit is pretty high. What is it?

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Hi @Richard.Dane

I am looking at new phono stages and one of them, MM, will only give 100mV out with my 1mV cartridge.
The MC type from the same manufacturer will clip because the gain would be too high.

1mV is very low for a MM cart - more like High Output MC. Some valve MC phono stages that don’t use transformers may be OK here as they can’t have too much gain otherwise they get too noisy. Note that the Stageline or Prefix E are ideal for 1mV, although you may be after something better still?

Hi @Richard.Dane

The cartridge itself is Moving Iron.

Ah OK, a Grado I would guess then.

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Yes, that is correct.

How does the SN3’s internal phono stage fare with the Grado?

Otherwise, have you considered Grado’s own Phono stage (PH1?)?

Hi @AndyR

I have no idea.
The manufacturer told me that about their MC phono stages.
I do not have the knowledge to discuss or disagree or debate.

Hi @Richard.Dane

The SN3 spec states that the phono stage is built for 5mV MM cartridges. So I have not tried it and would want a more versatile phono for future proofing.

As far as I am aware the Grado phono is no longer available, it is not listed on their web site.

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