Serafinos G2 or B&W 803 D4

Just got a complete new classic 300 system (with 2 NAP350 Mono Blocks) and looking to upgrade mine B&W 805 either for the Serafinos or 803, will welcome suggestions (including cables) thanks


Give it several months to burn in and for you to get used to all your new electronics. Then think of more changes based on what you are liking/not liking.

If at all possible audition new speaker options in your home, with your nicely bedded in equipment.

Not what you wanted as a suggestion I suspect, but changing lots of things in short order (unless you demoed them all together at the outset) is a risky strategy in my view. Good dealers would advise the same.


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We’ve heard the 350s with Serafino and the combination was very, very impressive. Our “dream” setup.

Not heard B&W (WAF zero) so no opinion there.

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I think the suggestion above is a good one. Don’t rush it.
The two speakers you mentioned I suspect will have very different sound signatures so it’s essential that you demo with your whole system electronics to make sure it’s the sound signature and style that YOU like.
However, as already mentioned I would let things settle down first.
Enjoy :grin:


I am new at the forum, thanks for your idea.

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May be helpful…

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There is real wisdom in @BruceW 's feedback, even if the message may be different to what you may wish to hear.

A system as capable as yours merits superb speakers like the Serafinos or the B&Ws. However, this calibre of speaker has an extended bass response which tends to excite room resonances (i.e. bass boom), which a smaller standmount speaker like your B&W 805s won’t.

As we and many other forum members have found from personal experience, there is almost no way around auditioning your shortlisted speakers in your room, as you need to find out which speakers will work with your room and which won’t.

We tried award winning, 5 star rated speakers from PMC, Naim, Spendor, KEF, Audiovector, B&W, Sonus Faber and a few others before finally settling on a pair of ART Alnico floorstanders.

Does this make the ARTs the best speakers? No. They were simply the ones that worked best in our room. They may not work well in yours.

Having said this, the Sefarinos look absolutely gorgeous and we would love a pair if they would work in our room.

Hope this helps, if only a little.