Serial number 99

Hi I have just been given the opportunity to purchase a 552 and ps dr at a reasonable price. The only issue that puts me off is the serial numbers, they both start with 99.

I’ve never seen or herd off a serial number starting with 99 before has anyone else seen or herd of this?

I have emailed Naim but I am notoriously impatient.

Many thanks everyone

I think it indicates a staff build or similar “special”.

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Should I be concerned? There doesn’t seem to be a barcode above the serial number it’s just a blank white space where it should be.

Does staff build or special indicate it is better or lesser than factory spec or the same?

Thanks Richard your like naims yoda

A staff build has to pass through test just like any other regular build bit of kit. However, cosmetic parts may be B grade. I would guess that staff builds would probably sell for a little bit less than a regular unit. However, if you want to know the details of the unit, best to contact Naim support with the serial number.

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If the provenance is unknown, I’d steer clear. “If it sounds too good to be true it probably is!”

I did here back from Naim, the serial numbers check out. It was a staff build, the nac wax returned to Naim due to a discoloured facia a few years ago and the ps has never been back for anything. Naim assured me all is ok and both items would have been subject to the same tests as any other piece of equipment before leaving the factory.

Could be right about the to good to be true through, it was a eBay auction paid £9100 winning bid for a 5 year old 552 dr, 10 days later no 552 or any sign of life from the seller.

Fortunately covered by eBay and am in the process of getting my money back


Just had confirmation of the cancellation…
they did however send me clearer pictures so must have the boxes…

Just can’t get past the ‘seconds’

I wonder what is with the word “seconds”? Graded cases and then turned into a staff build?

Sent me the exact same pics when I asked for a clearer shot of serial numbers.

eBay would tell me what he had been upto but he isn’t allowed to sell anything over £30 in value.

Somehow he got my phone number from my eBay account and kept trying to get me to transfer him £9500. In the end I just asked him has this ever worked? He put the phone down on me. He only lived about 10 mins from so I offered to come and demo the 552 and take it from there then he confessed he didn’t actually have the 552 it was in his where house awaiting shipping.

Usual story if it’s to good to be true it probably is. Hats of to eBay I got my money back no problem

Or they just dug up some better pictures instead of the blown up thumbnails they were using…
Or they have the boxes but they are empty…
Or… (just fill in a possibility)
Bottom line, you did the only right thing you could do,steer away…

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I contacted Naim hq regarding the numbers.

They told me it was a staff build and originally the ps had a discoloured face panel but this was changed in 2018 and would have been tested to the same standard as any other piece would have been.

Thought I would take the gamble

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Just offered 4K for them :joy:

Through eBay of course on a 14 day return basis…

Who dares rodders…

I am appalled that Ebay lets a known apparent scammer sell anything at all

I hope they flagged it and are legally allowed to say something if someone asks about it in the future

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My S400 are “Staff build” with serial number 99… the rosewood finish is absolutely first class, i bought in 2016 from my Naim Italian dealer.

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