Serial number mystery

Hi I have a Supercap which I bought years ago. Checking the back recently I noticed that the serial number isn’t there and it is different to the one in the box when it was supplied which is for a NAC52PS

Any explanations.

I wondered if the Supercap may have been swapped into a PS sleeve.

Is there anyway I can find the original SN.

Yugster, the usual reason for units with no serial number is that it is probably a staff build item. Historically staff could build units in the factory, but these were not given serial numbers.

It may be a NAC52PS that was upgraded to a Supercap.

Thanks. That is really interesting.

Yes, I think it was a sleeve originally for a NACPS and then upgraded to a Supercap

I have a Supercap that was upgraded from a 52PS. The rear panel should have a serial number and the box on mine was updated to the new Supercap serial.

It doesn’t have sn on back or on box. Could be as CBR600 point out a staff build. will try and find out

Yes, if there’s no obvious serial number then it’s either a Staff build item, or the serial number was removed at some point (although, if so, there’s usually another one hidden inside somewhere if the unit is internally disassembled).

Thanks Richard. That is really helpful.

Just a point of note. AFAIK there is nothing wrong with staff builds, as they have to be to appropriate standard, so ok to have

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What exactly is a staff build? I’ve heard the term before. I guess it’s something built by a Naim staff member but when (in their lunch hour) and why?

Yes, a “staff build” item is something that was built by a member of staff. Naim offer and indeed encourage staff to build their own kit for use at home; not only does it engender a better understanding of the equipment, but it also enables staff to purchase the kit for little more than the cost of the parts plus cost of test and some overhead. Build could take place outside of normal working hours.

For some of us, like me, who wouldn’t really trust their own soldering skills, we would go and ask some of the best PCB workers and wirers to build a bit of kit on our behalf, and in return we would usually provide gifts (alcoholic variety usually very popular).


Thanks for that - it must been great working there.

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