Serial Number Query

I have an NAP 250. The serial number is 5xx5 which shows 1982 build date. However it is Olive.
How can this be if Olive 250s were not released until 1989?

You could get chrome bumper stuff re-cased in olive boxes. I had a 250 done. So that’s how.

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Contact naim. They will tell you the day it left the factory and when/if it came back to be re sleeved.

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I have an 1985 NAP250, which was bought as a CB unit, but was cosmetically upgraded to Olive, in 2003.

As @Thegreatroberto says above, Naim will be able to tell you went this was done.

Here is my chrome bumper NAP160 that was re-cased in an olive box by naim.


Thanks for the feedback and the photos.

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