Serial number starting with an 8 on a Nova

I can purchase a second hand Nova but the serial number starts with 8811xx.
What is the year of this unit and is it safe to purchase it from a dealer?

you can check serial numbers on the Naim web site.

I can see them on this page, just scroll down to the bottom and click on Serial Numbers.

I know that but as I said it starts with 8. It’s not on the website. I have already checked that before posting this post.

I would just send a email message to Naim with the question. They post serial numbers for what they have manufactured as far as I know. Perhaps someone else knows if they issue special SN’s for products.,

That would be a r&d demo unit, possibly pre production. 88’s are a reserved serial number range.

Thanks. I wrote an email to Naim to ask about it also. Let’s see if they can clarify it.

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As an example of an 88, here’s the supernait 3 taken from

@NeilS maybe able to quickly clarify?

All 8*** units are built with hand selected components and with extra care

That’s the rumour I’m starting!!

Yes, Robert (above) used to work at Naim & he’s quite right - 88 numbers are specials for in-house builds, photography, prototypes, all sorts really.
Think I’ve seen 99s too.


Are they of the same quality as normal units or as the above comment even better?

The purpose of each 88 build would determine the parts used I expect.

Impossible to put them all in the same basket!


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